Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Custom Figma: Subaru Nakajima

With the announcement of Acsta Subaru...Im not sure if a majority of people are happy about this, the pricing is set way too high for a poseable figure.

Anyway I found someone who has actually done a custom figma of Subaru^^

Heres the link for moar images

Anyone brave enough, skilled enough to do this. Is the Archetypes even sold, online?

Meh I dont have anything against GSC, but I changed my Me vs Bandai

Monday, July 27, 2009


Not the blog, but I'm moving to Surrey T^T. Not the best location but atlest Im near a skytrain.

Anyway meet Susanowo ^^, he looks like my sensei in MonHun, in that pose though

My desk for a bunk of boxes...MEH

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Backlog... (Its a Filler)

I suck, 1 month of FR33-"DOM", Ive only finished 5 out of the (countless) Shows I have to watch. Then again theres nothing moar than the simple "blow you problems with a bang...I DOESENT WORK!!, Whats worse, those very 5 I have watched, Have blown a hole in my head, I have to fill with up with some anger...

Oh yeah this is filler dun read this, Instead enjoy 10 mins of Dates famous engrish line

F-ck my backlog.
-Shakugan no shana(My cus will kick my ass if I still havent watch this)
-Sengoku Basara( Fan of the Gary plz dun kill me)
-Nanoha A and S
-Basquash: Beats the s#it out of slam dunk in every way
-Sora no Manimani
-Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
-Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I dun have to watch endless 8 cause you guys have watched it Heheh Suckers)
-Canaan & Fate/stay night(Both Type-moon)
-Chrome shelled regios
-Code geass
-Spice and wolf( There a close link between Code geass)
-GL series(I miss it)and Guren Lagann movie 1(dun know full name)
-NEEDLESS: GL refernces and ED(Abandon hope all ye who enters)
-Ragnarok, the animation(the only anime I'll be watching in Phil Dubs)
-Macross Marathon(all series and movie, CANT WAIT FOR MACROSS F MOVIE!!)
-Naruto( you know I wouldnt watch this series without reason, so wth my reason, I want to fill myself rage)
-Bleach: Too much filler s#it as well, atlest theres some better stuff bout this show.
-Ikki tousen( I will get stabbed by a halberd)
-All Harem
* Asu no Yoichi (GAWD)
* Da Capo
* Futakoi
* Ichigo 100%
* Kage Kara Mamoru
* Love Hina
* Negima (S#it)
* Shuffle (KAEDE!!)
* Tenchi Muyo (meh)
* To Love-Ru (not bad)
-IDeon("The perfect end for the perfect @$$hole" from kamiyadori, Tomino has plans)
-Voltes 5 movie(I MISS my child hood hero)
-Slap up party arad senki( Why Gunners are an awesome class)
-Elemental Gelade
-Element Hunters( I want those kids get beaten up by potassium)
-Gundam X and turn A
-Zentrix( Dear gawd WUT)
-Burst angel(awesome mecha is awesome)
-Kino's Journey(Theres a talking motorcycle,my view on my bike have changed)
-Mazinger Z hen(I want Baron Ashura as my servant)
-Shin getter robo
-Gene Shaft
-FMPand FMP second raid
-Eureka seven
-Hayate no gotku
-Seto no Hanayome( TERMINATOR! )
-K-on OVA: Theres an OVA?
-Umi Monogatari
-Zan Sayanora Zetsuabau Sensei
-Fight Ippatsu
-QB:I still have fears of GIANT EYES

Animes you should concern about:
-Asura cryin is the worst anime ive seen yet, It has a nice combination of mecha ghost and monster, but to many stuff has been unresolved
-Linebarrels of Iron, Not bad, but not to good either. Watch this if you crave CG mechas and tentacles raep
-Coyote Rag show:I dropped it

Ressecions OVER, is it...Meh, but I fear that harmonized tax thing, no moar GST or PST but that means all non food items are all 12%. Should I fear this or is this agood thing,Im not good at math, so if you can, I give you 20+ Brownie points, Army of Mewtwos(heheheheh) and the GS security protection(where BFGsolves anything)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revoltech Yamaguchi line: Basara (EDITO)

Well WTF do you know, Yamaguchi has done it again. After the Eva and Guren lagann line. There hitting one of the more Insanely "Gary" (Gar + Gay"Credits to Lightning) Animes of last season.

As the image prewiew completely suggest that a Date Masamune and Yukimura will be developed.

On other hand, I dont care for Human type Revoltech(Alter and Yoko as an Exception) same for this guys, but if this is offical, then I SO F_CKING WANT TO GET HONDA!!!

Just finding a good spot to put this in ^^;;;; ;;;;

EDITO!!! (like someone cares)

Well there you go, anybody want to do me a favor and reenact a GARY scene^^

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cleaning up

Yes thats my desk all dirty and filled with junk ,ever since Summer started.=w=

My Janitorial GN-X, Just fired him earlier today.

On the side note, plz treat Janitors with respect,If it weren't for them, your place would look like s#it, or Even MOAR S#ittier

Kyrios Fixation 2

Postponing the project as My desk will be disassembled for moving, Yup Im moving to Surrey, damn, and I was in a good location =_=

Meh I decided with the connected Skirt piece. Limits the leg movemants but atleast It doesnt fall of every time I move it.

I have problems with the pelvis being curved, kinda kills the whole blocky body of Kyrios

Heheh it looks like a Mananangal

Copied the idea from MG Kampfer

LOOKIE Kyrios can now do Gerwalk

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nice Guitah!

K-on! "A show so meaningless I have no idea why I approved it in the first place"

OOOkay the first time upon watching the PV, I though this is gonna be the best series of last seas...(I have forgotten which season). I take some of it back. Hence its enjoyable, but it was pretty hard watching it in one go. Most of the times random s#it happen which kills me off. I wont go any further as many people has said enough of this moe blob.
Just for the fun of it, one of my heroes has written a much understandable yet hateful observance of this show

"Sorry for being such an ass"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Gundam, underneath the secrets

Behold the Gundam, such beauty and marvel standing proud upon us. Underneath lies the very secrets a toymaker and studio holds

Concealed upon its... Joints(?) lies something that will shake your souls.

Theres a BLOODY F__KING TIMER! For what you may ask, it will count the time for when an alien race will invade our tiny little planet. If it hits 0 there will be an invasion force right in our f_cking door step

I suspect that drugs were inserted in those BBQ

I suspect that cookies also have enhancement drugs...COOKIES!!

Yoshiyuki Tomino-sensei, Toru Furuya, and GACKT. they have plans...

That light show is more than just attraction. It blinds the aliens so they cant spy on the human weapon. Note: the aliens are blind to light.

On a sidenote, theres another Giant robot being built somewhere. It will be used as a decoy incase the aliens strike earlier than suspected. Somewhere underground, I know Bandai ismore than just a toy maker. there secretly building an army of MS to fight off the incoming doom.

Images taken from unsuspecting Ngee

Note:I may be drunk

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kyrios fixation

Damn I hate bandai, whats worse this happened twice, first my old kyrios then my newer one.

Thats 00 hip joints, you can call me a bastard for wrecking a perfectly fine 00, though I already have 3 of them

Yay its easier to transform now. I was supposed to base this on the HCM-pro and the 1/100.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fly in the"Virgin Road"

Something good just happened. They just announced the Virgin Road. WTBHF!

After a knife fight to the death, you get married to your rival. S#it like that doesnt happen in animes anymore >=]

Monday, July 6, 2009

Its supposed to be blue, BLUE!!!

Umm, wtf, Why is it still yellow? Isnt eva 00 supposed to blue after the Ramiel battle. Since I haven't seen "Rebuild of Evangelion 1 and 2, I dont know whether the Ramiel scene is done, and if so, why the f*ck is it still yellow?!

"Oh such beauty wasted"

I will miss the blue(kai) eva 00. It was the only mech I liked in the series, and It was pretty much rayped numerous times(not sure anymore). Also, the color matches with Rei's hair, its pretty much perfect. Its too bad I was late with the whole revoltech series and never got a chance to got a glimpse of that blue beauty T^T. Now I hope it gets a Rebuild release. If not Im gonna kick Anno in the balls, and might as well kick the revoltechs(creators) asses for my satisfaction.

Side blurb:BTW where do you find QB revoltechs?