Thursday, April 30, 2009

School food Punishment PVs

Hell yah! Ive been waiting for this PV for a long time, anyway If your liking Eden of the east so far, then pls enjoy. Anyway might as well add in some of there faved PVs

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mini GN sword part 3

Its done, well last week, anyway ill be painting it once I buy new paint^^

Below is all the stuff used to make the mini GN sword

The laugh of moe

Somewhat disturbing and far from innocence they are portrayed for 0_0

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ero workout(training with hinako)


One of the great jap ideas, next to moe rice, anime workout video

So we got big eyed anime girl thats originally a human whos into fitnessa and anime,then gets turned into an anime girl. Thats sure to attract major attention in the otaku community, big time. Who cant resist the powers of Big eyes^^;

Its definitely a video you can sit and enjoy for 6 minutes, but not fit for the workout video.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Qualifying for pro

Meh its more of how to fail

What the hell is that? nope folks not a dragon

NOTE: Do not attempt this unless your trained...or just insane^^

then theres the unmanly death, or some would call"rape" ^^

HEH,HEH, just a few more to go

Anyway, Im " training" to qualify for pro for MHF Unite demo coming this June^^

Random Moe: Moar Mio

Ep4 was mostly moe Mio overload^^

Its amazing how she's able to lift Ritsu, despite her stature^^

Heh Kawai~Desu!!~ X3

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

00 Raiser designer ver

HEH all the mods are done for me, just have to mod in that waist. No luck finding 1/100 00 raiser, good thing its delayed^^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The paint... its wrong

They really screwed up. CHEAP PLASTICS, CHEAP!!!

MHG Starter set for wii

Well die hard fans of Monster hunter, if your still pissed off that the new MH3 was instead released to Wii. Capcom just released a Wii starting kit of an upgraded MHG, to help you outwith the controls. Bad news is,its only playable to ASIA Wii consoles, BIG WTF!!!

"Dear Capcom Japan"


Monday, April 20, 2009

I cant beat that >.<

The most unique feet design in the gundam world next to RX "wide" feet

*First I knew this was gonna happen anytime.
*Second, I cant beat someone who has experience and the resource, which Im sure Im gonna drool over if I ever get close to it.
*Third his using a 1/100 Overflag

Meh dont really care, Im more focused on making my own then buy the Damnashi ver for comparison.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

WIVSP update

Yup got the head partially finished, just have to putty up the side armor,cheeks, slap on the ridiculous antennas and finish the V crest


Mini Gn sword blade almost done, just have to fill the holes and attach the blue shield guard.

Friday, April 17, 2009

First Figma

Yay got my first figma, Ryomou from Ikki tousen. Bought this locally along with bushidos ahead and another voice I doll for 10% off discount(not bad)

Sorry for the bad pic quality, Had to do some important business. will review her later on

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Micro GN sword

Addiction from gundam fighters can cause unexpected projects to occur^^ Currently using Setsuna

About 45% done. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picks of Spring Batch 09

It may be a little a late to post this now, but It could help me out on my backlogs(which I have tons of).Anyway Im gonna keep my opinions as short as possible^^(sorry for the long post)

Arad Senki Slap Up Party-Gonzo did it again, another RPG anime. Liked the character designs, especially priest.

Asura Cryin- A boy haunted by his childhoods friend ghost, a destroyed world, and dimension traveling, ghost controlled mecha. A bizzare mix, but I really like the idea.

Sengoku basara- Love the damn OP! Especially how BAd@SS the first ep was. "Put ya guns on!" I love that line.I notice how its not as gory as I expected, being a hack and slash anime.

Basquash!-Basketball+Mecha+Nike= EPIC STUFF. Love Bigfoot actions, though story seems quite good as well, defenitely watching this

Dragonball Kai-Its based on the original manga, which should be about 23 yrs old. Then again I like the series, its just bloody slow.

Eden of the East-reminds me of 24,why terrorist attacks, great plot. Very nice op and ed btw.

FMA -Brotherhood-This time its based on the manga. I havent read the manga yet, so this is bad. Funnily the voice actors from 00 voice some of the characters

Hatsukoi Limited- Moe chars, ecchi, pantsu. Im not suprised cause this was from the creators odf Ichigo 100%

K-on!-Do I need to say more^^.

Tayutama -standard romance/comedy/harem fare with a monster-of-the-week element thrown in. Im in mainly for the neko

Ristorante Paradiso-Not much cooking anime.

Saki-funny how a human has superhuman luck. Watching this mostly for the characters, since I have no idea how mahjong is played, hopefully I learn a thing or two.

Valkyria chronicles-Based on the game for the PS3.I havent played it yet, but I have seen it in action, quite fun and it has a great story. Funny how I thought tanks wouldnt be overpowering,but Edelweiss is just overpowered

So what happened to queens blade? I dropped it, meh I'd rather watch regular ero,seriously STAY AWAY FROM IT!!