Monday, September 28, 2009

I screwed my henshin!!

(The following scenes are completely fan fiction and is made for the sole reason of lulz. And contributions of kodomut poison, have resulted outside figure photgraphy symptons. Though it is true that I have a henshin)

Probably one of biggest fails of my life, screwing up my henshin-_-;;; Like how the hell do you even screw up that bad!?

Sharks you say? Well hear my warning, never fuwking watch a marathon of Jaws on a sunday night-_- Unless you dont have shark phobia,or the fact that YOU are manlier than me.

The cons of being a threatening little robot. I may have shot a few minors for repeatedly calling me a minicon...I hope I did.

Thankfully someone had a phobia with robots, and decided to quickly point me to my homeroom for the sake of gtfo immediately^^

Monday, September 14, 2009