Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busuo Shinki Espadia review

Woot, Finally have a real Mecha musume, and best part of all, Its on sale + the 20%off discount(I think). Box Art is definitely awesome( and I wish I could draw like that).

Box content:

Took a while to actually build the stag mecha. and reattaching the whole thing the figure.

Sword Pose

She's taller than a figma, and is almost as tall as Mazinger(didnt take a pic whoops)

Helm isnt so Kuuga-ish,Looks more like Gatack and I find it cute^^

Regular(Yuki-like) face

Blush face(so much for Yuki-like)

Hand set, there pretty sturdy compared to figma, but care is still a No.1 priority.

The only thing that really bugs me, is how thin the pelvis joint are, there pretty flexible, it still scares me.

Stand, is sharp, and pointy, It pisses me off >x< The stag beetle mecha, Btw I just recognized how similar this is to Orichalium reycal, coincidence? Bah I heard of this first before O.R.

BTW its just my preference to leave the arm holders attached to the Mandibles?

and the arm thing too

Heheh, Got the idea from Decade's Kuuga final form ride

Mecha Musume form:

Main selling point, and ridiculously back heavy.

Feet is just damn thin compared to No-feet Linebarrel

Lastly you get this Pin code ticket thingy,to play Battle rondo(pokemon pet style), usually I would just rip things like this apart, But this mecha musume, diff story what-so-ever. I admit, I want to see Espadia's personality


Designers are a bunch of DOUCHBAGS!!! Red Feet, Reborns look-alike, F_ck Why do they LUV Red feet so much! I wish Kunio Okawara was involved with the design.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mah LOOT before Chrstmas and after boxing day

WOW I didn't post anything for like 3 weeks, Im very disappointed at myself, Im making up right now and in New years eve. Anyway, I dont know if you think Im not vey otaku if I only buy two thing in Christmas, and heres the reason why: 1) Im not rich 2)I dont have a job 3)I didnt get any presents for christmas(I got sumthin better 50$, Hill yeah) 4)BIG BANG PUNCH Mazinger plamo OWNS, It-ll be even more ownage if I got the chogokin ver. 5) Im saving up for a ps3. Lastly I finally got the Mecha Musumune I was wishing for,like 2 yrs. and its on sale, damn I love Evertoys

props for anyone who could point what reference I used for the mini comic, and for correcting one term