Sunday, August 15, 2010

Border line Airshow(unofficial name)

Family wend on a trip to see the sky show, and I have to admit, its hot and its boring, Until the plane starting pulling stunts, then it gets boring again cause they do the same thing Over and Over again. Right about when we were leaving we get the really good stunt flyings, Admittedly I wanted to see the Blue angels, But I knew it was impossible It just aint so special an event.

No Union Flags sadly :(

Cue Zeta

We got bored waiting form the f-15s since they were off schedule ,by a HOUR

Yeah a tank or some Randome Armored Vehicle Passed by


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Karma...It sucks!!!

Well I havent done any post for a while, but I dont really have anygood updates on me, so enjoy the filler post, oh and I got OST I was looking for^^

I played Demonophobia, and Xenophobia, I pissed myself off(as in Angered beyond measure
I Lost the Tripod Thats why the shots get blurry, whoops