Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yay another filler Wishlist post, another Yay, yay......

So heres a filler, Because the Weekend is COMING again*works on his costiume and cosplay* So while I'm at it, enjoy my wishlist(that gets dumped in the currently unattainable section)

Composite ver ka : Commander Haruhi's C. G. P. H.T. D. B. U. E.

BD77's Haruhi, would be SOOOOOO HAPPY when she finds out she gets a Mecha of her own=moar fun HAHAHAHAHA

RD Dann of Thursday

Wake up, Dann!

I love Gun X sword so much Im considering it

RD Destiny Gundam

First My reason is Im a cheapass, second, This is Probably The best set of wings Destiny ever has, And No the MG looked to bulky for my taste.

Forgot the name^^;;;

Forgot what mecha was this, but it was from escaflowne, and OMG it can transform!!

RD TauBan

Actually considering watching the anime despite my bias against Heroman(But my respect for bones studio is recuperating) and Asura crying(which was horrible), But, This mecha is just so, so, so FLAMBOYANT!!!

Formania Nausicaa Gunship

First, Shame on you ppl who never heard of Nausicaa, and Shame on me for not watching the film, But I Did red the manga so half shame to me. Flight, being one of Hayao Miyazaki themes, resulted having most of his works include interesting machines that take flight, minus the broomstick^^;;,I really love the Gliders and Gunship due to its design, and the seperation it has from modern aircraft. Best parts, they included a f*cking stand and the wings have an opening mechanism

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1/144 Astray Blue( musume) frame WISP 5

"I believe, we may have a problem"

Not much progress on the arms, in fact, its bursting with problems

Instead of having the shoulder armor attach to, well dud, the shoulder, I just had to attach it to the arms, because the old shoulder pieces for the figma, Broke...

So I have a few questions to ask:
*Should I clean up the 00 joint that serves as the joint armor for the shoulder?
*Or leave it as it is, unpreppede, I mean, Its not gonna show up anyway once the armor's been attached?

Had to fill in the gaps, with my remaining white putty

Good news is, I finally finished the whole Skirt armor. It was a lot of fiddling and finger sticking problems, but heck Im happy with the result

Random stuff:

A Belated "Get well soon" pic for BD77 and her Figma Marrisa

For those who may have been wondering(about the tiniest detail) of why I've changed my old username to my REAL name, is because...

I made it into my original Character, still finalizing the sketch, but there he is

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow, Linking Park actually works well with Gundam

This is a pretty nice break from the traditional, Jap song in a Gundam game, but the CGI scene, why did they go with "LEGO" style scene shift

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I got better, no hands though...

I had one heck of a mind block, and I couldnt figure out what filler comic should I do, and with school going on(right now I have physics quiz, and I should have been studying but Im reminded of you fellow commentors)Will start posting again soon.

BTW, I blame zOMG and cosmic break