Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ever since GOD EATER was announced, Monster hunter players who had been frustrated as F-ck, are relieved that a game incorporating an almost exact gameplay of Monhun, has kicked off the retard issues of Monhun, and added a bunch of convenience. Unfortuanetly there would also be arrogant idiots, who claims ones side is better. Thus kicking off another retarded debate of two parallel yet closely similar games.

As a fan of MH, I am happy that there would be another game incorporating the same gameplay as MonHun, except without the problems the game suffered from. Issues that many fans had wanted to be fix by Capcom were left unfix and were worsened as new series were released. A couple of the aforementioned issues are: Unnecessary pose of healing/eating items, hitboxes, characters reaction time, NPC allies are dumb as f-ck, friendly fire and terrible camera angles. Though I only have gripes on three things. The poses your character does after drinking healing stuff, its absurdly unnecessary and stupid, that it leaves you vulnerable, it's more likely to kill you than it heals you. The second and most controversial of all, the terrible hitbox, usually when you think the monster couldn't hit you, since its arms are about 5 inches away from you, you'll still be hit and eventually be sent flying over a distance. Another example, a monster's tail is 10 feet tall[Might be miscalculations plz correct me] above you, it will still hit you. lastly the lovable felyne that could be use as allies,are dumb as f_ck, in fact 98% of my gameplay didnt even include the cats, I only had them for the rewards, then I fired all of them. The other issues are forgivable and a least the loading time for MH has finnaly been minimized in MHFU/MHP 2G. There are factors that makes MH better than GE, factors such as: creating armor and weapons, friendly fire(its both good and bad),Better looking monster, a pig for pet and the diverse amount of weaponry to play with. Oh and there is also the 18+ awesomeness of Udon-yah's doujins, heheheh.

As for God Eater, Im stil in the process of finding,downloading the demo,and waiting for its full release. Though I have seen the gameplay footage.

Giant enemy Craaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbssssssssss, eh???

Its still better to try it hands-on, obviously since that what the fun is all about. The gameplay also incorporates elements from Kingdom hearts(ps2), and Phantasy stars , giving it a free style and fast paced type action. Though this can seem very cliche, expecially if you've been playing a lot of JRPGs. Now some of the stuff that fixes the probs of MonHun: Quicker reaction time, sprint with your weapons, no Hit box issue, no friendly fire and Smart NPC allies. Okay reaction time is already fixed in MonHun 3, but its still anoying. Reaction time, charas could get up faster before being hit again by monsters. Running with your weapon, best thing evar. Smart allies, smart enough to save you and themselves. Hit box isues, confirming. No Friendly fire, your teammates cant piss you off now. Now the factors that makes this game unique to Monhun: Sword/Gun combo, Fashionable characters, Free style play and lock-on option. The weapon, a pure definition of Awesome, not only is it Big fuwking sword/chainsaw, its also a Gun/Cannon, there is also a third mode, the beast mode[?], don't know what its function yet, but its definitely unique. Lock-on option, is one of the controversial factors that MonHun and GE fans are raving about. It locks on to your target, or its parts, and all your attacks is directed to it. MonHun are very much pissed off at this idea, claiming that the game is much easier with this function. As a MonHun player, I knew the hardships and the training one needs to hit a monster part accurately both Gunners and Blade masters, especially Blade masters. Though it was mentioned that Lock-On could be turned off. Speaking of the good stuff, there are factors that makes it less fun than Monster hunter: No Armor, Only one weapon, and no friendly fire. I mentioned the characters are wearing casual to Tommy Hilfiger's fashion, so no armor, at all...means no blue armor damn it. Only one weapon, not really sure if you can upgrade or get more than one weapon, I think you stick with what you get throughout the game. no friendly fire, The fun in MH, you could blow or swing a mate in the air, its both fun and useful depending on the situation.

DTB season 3???

Heck this one just slipped under my nose, DTB, is back just check out how fast RC reviewed one episode. Oh well I'm glad Bones is filling up the gaps they left us after season 1.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FUWKEN POETRY!!! Need help!

I dont hate Shakesphere really, and I dont fuwken hate poetry,that much...

Im asking, why do I need to learn poetry, seriously I dont see the reason why,since I have no need for it in the futurre. It should be just a seperate subject like art, which it is, and not a part of English or atleast just a few of it. unless there is one.
Im pissed off now, is because I have to write a fuwken sonnet. What's a sonnet, Its a poem that consist of 14 lines with 10 sylables each and muct be in ordered rhythm, abba abba cdcd gg(I dont think thats even correct) and must have a volta i.e toneshift(ex. Negative to possitive). I cant think of writing anything, and this things due this Fri...Hopefully those who I ask are out of HS or atleast knowledgable when it comes to this stuff and I wont plagiarise I just need a theme or an inspiration.

Damn all I know is free verse and half assed to

"The slot machine"

Hey, Hey, Hey
Stranger, buddy,pal, friend,
Come on here, what'd you want
Want happiness, want freedom,
want money, you say money
Im quick money,
Just cash and luck
and pull that lever
Like a madman
Lost you say
Dont worry Pal
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Still lost, have faith
I have chances as you have cashes
With more and more cash
and luck, I guarantee
Quick-ass riches
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mazinger Z BIG BANG PUNCH review

Appologies to B-mecha for showing pics of mazinger late since last month >_<

Meh was supposed to put the comparison shot between shinki and Mazinger in the shink review, well theres the height( G mazinger is only taller because I modded the pelvis, it'd be the same height as Mazinger.


Shows that Mazinger suffers basic articulation, but it does make up in leg movemnent.


The head is pretty awesome, and despite being made from tiny pieces it remains solid.

The inside without the plider

Plider and brain condor

Action shots:

Rocketo punch

Breast Fire

Sorry for the lack of action shots, not really good posing somethin that doesnt hold a weapon or so, and rust huricane would be the same as breast fire pose, also mazin only comes with a pair of fist no other hands >_<

Mazinger has a really big problem though,He cant really Rocket punch, though your gonna assume that pulling his arm of would count but, there is another problem...

The joints on the back connects the shoulder to the torso, and its Pretty FRAGILE, thats why I have to use both hands to move mazingers arm, left and right, and the connection between the arm and the shoulder is tight.

look how thin it is.

God scrander:

Uh Duh this would be the main reason why the box is so big, and having the name God scrander sounds damn epic.


BiG Bang Punch transformation:

Not as hard as transforming Arios or Zeta, but the best part would probably be the head inside the torso. The thumb and fingers arent really articulate but who cares about that, I only care about the fist.

Part for display stand

Action shots:

If there is a possibility of Great mazin remake then let the first scene be this.

Since there are articulate fingers there are a few poses you can do.


The Kira

And the finger... Sorry Inappriate to the kids(wait this isnt an 18+ blog)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Figs I want

Geebuz since when did they actually made Figma Subaru, I feel like a damn dinosaur now, not knowing these kind of releases. Guess GSC learned that Acsta line was a pretty douhcy idea. Will deffinitely get GG tan once she hits the shelves.

:D Mecha musume Klain and in full zentradi too. Too Bad I kinda hate Megahouse's pricing.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


New year, and its turning pretty bad for me...

Anyway, finnaly got my damned internet back, nvr going back to wireless EVER again!
*Lego sucks ass, killing off my damn good childhood toys!
*MG blue frame, is NOWHERE to be found:Sad face:
*GVGNXT and Macross Ultimate froniter needs 5.00 or 5.50...whats CFW is needed?
*Anime this year filled with TOO MUCH BS fanservice