Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mazinger Z BIG BANG PUNCH review

Appologies to B-mecha for showing pics of mazinger late since last month >_<

Meh was supposed to put the comparison shot between shinki and Mazinger in the shink review, well theres the height( G mazinger is only taller because I modded the pelvis, it'd be the same height as Mazinger.


Shows that Mazinger suffers basic articulation, but it does make up in leg movemnent.


The head is pretty awesome, and despite being made from tiny pieces it remains solid.

The inside without the plider

Plider and brain condor

Action shots:

Rocketo punch

Breast Fire

Sorry for the lack of action shots, not really good posing somethin that doesnt hold a weapon or so, and rust huricane would be the same as breast fire pose, also mazin only comes with a pair of fist no other hands >_<

Mazinger has a really big problem though,He cant really Rocket punch, though your gonna assume that pulling his arm of would count but, there is another problem...

The joints on the back connects the shoulder to the torso, and its Pretty FRAGILE, thats why I have to use both hands to move mazingers arm, left and right, and the connection between the arm and the shoulder is tight.

look how thin it is.

God scrander:

Uh Duh this would be the main reason why the box is so big, and having the name God scrander sounds damn epic.


BiG Bang Punch transformation:

Not as hard as transforming Arios or Zeta, but the best part would probably be the head inside the torso. The thumb and fingers arent really articulate but who cares about that, I only care about the fist.

Part for display stand

Action shots:

If there is a possibility of Great mazin remake then let the first scene be this.

Since there are articulate fingers there are a few poses you can do.


The Kira

And the finger... Sorry Inappriate to the kids(wait this isnt an 18+ blog)


Anonymous said...

the big bang punch is funny.
wonder any mecha could use it for its arm.

GunStray said...

>> Divinelight: Ideon probably, unfortunately I dont have the chokogin ver,that one would have costed an arm and half a leg...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Cool idea of transforming robot to fist that could execute punch attack. I bet not even TF Fortess Max can withstand this kind of attack. Kekeke.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing like dose of hot-blooded punching goodness to make a guys' day. :D

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Nothing can stand against the fist of ZEUS!!!

>> BD77: Very true, especially if its a robot^^

Mathai said...

Nice review! It looks good in fist mode.

GunStray said...

>> Mathai: Thanks and fist mode is tons of fun.