Monday, February 14, 2011

the 3x. er fuck the 3x, Sinanju groupbuild WIP 2 and happy free heart shaped chocoloate day

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How bout something for valentines day. The day when I celebrate being forever alone ^^;;;

Oh Charlotte/Charles, yourtoo fucking cute. And the fact she was a trap(pretty obvious during the ep 5) was major bonus on my waifu list, screw the First childhood friend, the british bitch, and chinese childhood friend, .The (reverse) trap and the German eye patch girl are my picks.
So hows your day, I got free chocolates and my paycheck.

Back to the WIP

Look at it, so shiny and well bluey shiny-

-Deconstruction...(Onore Kyube!)

Don't know why, but tamiya flat wouldn't stay on the parts after I applied the clear blue...oh well I'm gonna buy the black or any dark colored MR color paint tomorrow.

Nope, what I meant was, the paint was screwed in the arms, The arms are its the whole body thats screwed up with the paint. gotta fix all of this before next saturday

And yeah Happy valentines day, now throw away or recycle your newspaper if your planning to get dating tips on it.


This project got fuwked. T_T

Friday, February 11, 2011

3x faster than my dont fuck it up projects: (Late) Sinanju group build. WIP 1

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Man I really drove through this guy, now I have to fix my marbling technique since I completely ruined the arms. anyway night everyone

Thursday, February 10, 2011