Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1/144 Astray Blue( musume) frame WISP 1

"No more secrets"

Guess its time to spill the beans. When I planned this project, It was going to be ninja build, then my thoughts went to EVA(you'll know later on), but when I mean by Ninja build, I meant finished in less than two months. Well guess what, Ive been working on the same project for a YEAR and 6 MONTHS!!! On this project is label'd, "dont fuwk this up" So I gotta take this real seriously. Oh and I felt kinda jealous people showed their progress and admit their mistakes and are open to criticisms and feedbacks.

Yep Basing it off my (Un)original banner, though Im trying to sway a bit from the design. Guess what Figma(s) I used, and you get...some baked goods

"some scary memorabilia's"

First time making "it" and it reminds me EVA, remember, the EVA graveyard, Ok unless your not eva fan, let me horrify you with these images...

Mwuhahahahahahahahahah>>The owner of the blog is an @$$

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Perfect Shift Manuever Blade

Yeah Viper's creed suck, but I think it needs an S2 I mean, I liked the Idea of how screwed up the world is thanks to human activities. And yes the Mecha, how can we forget the mecha, you gotta love them. Especially the figure itself^^

Seeing how this guy is all sold out everywhere, adn not seeing a single review in the whole wide internet, Im assuming this guy never got into production or was cancelled, But heck Im pumped to make my own now^^

If Go Nagai went Insane, the results...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Voyager Class Recon Ironhide

I am Iron- Wrong song, wait till I finish...Hide NaNaNaNaNaNaNa na na na...Okay I suck at singing big deal, let get this review over with. Btw Is walmart getting expensive, or I'm being cheaper...

The Figure/Toy itself

"Yeah Im ripped"

His head is actually dark brownish in color, its also in balljoint.

No feet articulation but it does have an awesome gear function for transforming, um DER were talking about a bayformer here. But in terms of posing beats any tree stump legged mecha in a standoff

Under all that bulk and metal[plastic] is a...NOTHING!?!

I do have one major complaint about this figure, its that piece that attaches the upper and lower torso together is rather loose, even with a quick mending of glue/nail polish.

I though the first movie Ironhide toy's guns were screwed in the arm, you can take the guns off.


OO: Time to own some articulated brick this time

SFX thunk...

Articulation is pretty basic not much to show except he doesnt have a rotating waist, and no feet articulation,its forgivable since it "Transform"


"they dont call him weapon specialist for nothing"

He carries 2 near realistic guns, a Mini gun or a SMG and sniper rifle, wow Hasbro way to make a kids toy^^;

"its lookslike crap but atleast it fires pretty far

I kinda find the crossbow/grenade bow launcher kinda g@y.

Knives double as a freaking bayonet

Last but not least a stupid Gun combined mode, way to make that Gattler useless >_>

Action Shots

"Jungle crawling/ Doing a Golgo pose"

Tried doing that awesome roll he did in the first movie, the only thing he did cool, f**king Bays... Its a half @$sed job and its also a spoiler if you haven't seen the first movie


IronHide: "This IS MY TRUMP CARD!"
Granzon: Damn Heroic plot twist!

"Such Heroic nonsense"

Almost forgot to transfrom this guy into jeep mode, a GMC Topkick

Love the zebra lighting silver paint

GMC, all rights reserved

The only Logo Ironhide has or maybe Im just not looking hard enough

"Pimp my ride, Army style"

"Insert reference: RAMBO!"

Besides that stupid little complaint I have, the Figure/toy is fine by itself, though transforming it is quite a b!7ch freaking recommend this to those on a nostalgia trip or atleast someone who wants to try a new line of stuff, just a warning though, STAY AWAY FROM DELUXE, that is all^^