Monday, June 29, 2009

Trans-Am Raiser

Finnaly got my first/late loot, and there all purple and pink. So dont mess with pink ^^;

Just the cover

Trans-Am activate

*Gunslinger style*

Yup thats 00 raiser for yah, all pink, purple and shiny, not until it starts blowing the s#it out of grunts

Yay beam included
IDEON Sword!!

Gn swords/spatulas redeems itself

Oh SHI~...Poor GN-X

The Brutality

GN SWORD III the main jewel or selling point of this model

Comparisons between 1/100, not even enough what more for the 1/144

Raiser sword, beam full of epic

Pew Pew Pew

Im a commin to slice you

Zwei holding for his dear life
Trans-am Raiser preparing for his rematch with Alter.(Teh reson)
This guys just loaded with awesome, for 28 Cad his worth every penny. His the complete 00 raiser and yeah he comes with craploads of beams and comes with the fairie dust/Gn particle stand. My only qualm is prepping the kit, it leaves black spots once the nub is cut. Gn spatulas is Z idea

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free TF2 SUCKS!!

Megatron you lucky bastard

Just watched TF2 for free... well not the whole thing, I stopped after the Optimus dual sword figho, A rather badass scene showing just how awesome Prime is. I stopped cause I just see no reason watching the whole thing in BAD, CRAPPY, AND F*CKED UP QUALITY. Seriously such quality just doesnt justify the mad CG and effects of this movie, whats worse, the voices are 19 sec late. I would just rather buy the tickets and enjoy it with friends, Its too bad none of them want to pay for their own tickets, and Im poor right naw. Meh I do have a chance freeloading with my cuz...>_>

BTW I hate and envy Megatron(pic related)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My B4ckL 0g

Okay, Since Exams are done, I have the whole summer enjoying whatever crap/stuff/projects that ive been postponing for a long while.

As for my anime list, well its MONSTROUS!! Im blaming myself for my lazyness and excuses^^;

To-Love-Ru: Manga is still ongoing, while waiting, I might as well watch the anime

Bamboo Blade: I read half the manga, and currently still reading it.

Shakugan no shana I and II: I excused myself on watching this series too many times.

Basquash: Last ep watched was 3, thanks to random curiosity, Im still updated. Thank god I see no Micheal Jordan, moving around in a giant robot^^;

Mazinger Z hen: Though I havent watched any old mecha,I didnt like Mazingers design (mostly because I grew up with gundma design)and a badguy named Dr Hell, its pretty chessy. But it has one of more BADASS Opening, also I just learned he can turn into a GIANT F*CKING FIST

Sora Kake: Last ep watched ep5

Toradora: One of the few better slice of life animes I hae yet to finish.

Mio X Azusa, Doujinshin comin soon, REALLY soon

K-on: Researching just how much hate Snark just accumalated watching the whole series.

Tears to Tiara: Okays the Harem is complete, let the mass fest begin!

Black cat: Proving that guns vs sword isnt as obvious as you think. Also Train finally appeared in To Love Ru manga^^

Melancholy of Haruhi: "Hey s2 came out yay", I dont know why its famous, so this is for curious reason

Tayutama: Its from a nice ero-like game(me thinks,correct me if Im wrong)

Well thats nowhere near half my backlog^^;

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waisting 00 P2

"Bondage and Relaxation"

Not that kind of bondage your expecting^^;.Plating should cover up that ugly putty. Im kinda annoyed how slow I am at these project. And Tommorow is my last exams, and I dont even get what Im studying, in this case math >.<. Oh well, even If I do fail I already rigged my chances of passing math. But this is still a bad thing to do, so don't do what I do. Anyway whats my 00 doing.
I'm jealous that he get to relax while I suffer=.=

LOL he forgot to insert a game^^

He also get to read whats under my bed(thats Read or die btw)

Manananggal= A Filipino monster, which is a half woman(missing the lower proportion)and has batwing, eats childrens btw >_>


Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Pardon my lack of good post, as Im currently doing some work, Because its EXAMS WEEK!
So plz enjoy Scotts awesome Komikz, the guys not getting to much attention

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Orichalcum Reycal

Orichalcum Reycal...WTF is this. The figure looks pretty cute, so pretty much I was motivated to find what series it is, fortunately though N.K. already ,mentioned its a manga series.

I don't want to bother writing the whole description,so find it your own if your interested. Since Im kind enough(which I am) Here's the link

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monuments of Non-fiction

:Tears of awe:T~T, Theres no doubt that all Gunotas are touched.

One time, I wished they build a life size monument of the "enterprise"... Then after hearing that a life sized Gundam is being built, I said "F*ck the enterprise! This is f*cking Gundam!"(The exact words I said)

Im still amazed that we build monument for something we see in the TV or some "random viewing devices", such as giant robots beating the crap out of each other.
Then again, we are pretty materialistic.

Dont have much care for star trek, I only like the Ship. Sorry Trekies.

"If I see a Giant Kamina statue, I would be both in awe and dismay..."