Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Pardon my lack of good post, as Im currently doing some work, Because its EXAMS WEEK!
So plz enjoy Scotts awesome Komikz, the guys not getting to much attention


Anonymous said...

lmao! dude! this is awesome >.< lmao gurren laggan!!!!

Snark said...

That Beedrill is so going to blow the shits out of that Charmander now

Anonymous said...

lol@ don't believe in youself, believe in me who believes in you.

GunStray said...

>Otakuartist: Guren lagann comic references at its best^^

>Snark: The power of the drill is not to be mess with, or your insta-screwed.

>Shion: Hail KAMINA!

Lightning Sabre said...

Beedrill is GAR! Or is it the bug catcher is GAR? XD

GunStray said...

>>Lightning: Both r considered Gar. Without Bug catcher, beedrill is lame, without beedrill Bug catcher is just bug catcher^^;