Monday, November 22, 2010

Revoltech Chousokabe Motochika

Like Date, This guy was bought from SoA, this time, in Richmond center, and by george what a humble little store, classics Tf's Figmas Nendo's and Super robots, Kamen rider, And Revoltechs. There cheaply prices(or maybe this is due to evertoys high prices ^^;) And Yes I'd comeback once I get more moolah >=]

"One eyed Mizuchi of the all he needs is some cool shades"

same old same old, (I'm lazy but its the smae old box packaging)

*In the flesh,or plastic, the figure Him/itself*

*Now The Box content*

Not that much, you got his Anchor, Hands, Stands, Effect stand, Face, Good ol Orange box, and "useless" coin

*The Head*

Problem with his default face, its hard to detach...unless

You have Face obsessed prime/Bay Convoy. Jk ^^;

Kidding aside, you can wiggle the face off the head, don't worry, the peg is tough

And The face expression is still laughable, though its better atleast


Boy are you gonna be surprised to what I have to say after this section

*The Arms*

Really, wtf? It just popped of when I raised the arms up. Bad joint, BAD!

So Pretty decent except with the clothes restricting his movements


Dat Anchor

Chains with revoltech joints(actually one of them popped off, but thankfully, I managed to fix it)

Yep it can separate

The Only difference from these three hands, two of them has there peg swivel left and right, the other one's peg swivel up and down

Up and down

Left and right

And the effect part btw, just a purple-ish pink recolor

Yes, He can surf on his anchor, whichever way he chooses to ride on it, its still hilariously awesome, and ridiculous.

*This is so Blasphemy, but a complaint section!*

Remember this loose as hell

So is his neck

yeah sure extra articulation...

...At a heavy price

Fucking GAPS!

MORE FUCKING GAPS( and yes the neck has gap as seen in the Head section)!!

The sash keeps popping off in this area(btw his pants come with fake pockets)

And...this...Really revoltech

WOW When I bought this Figure, I though it stood the same level as Date would, seing his newer and shit. Well I really sont have any complaints with Date, his Structure design is Solid. Now Chosokabe, (dont hate me for this Chosokabe fans Hate Revoltech for this) His really flimpsy, his loose and That Gaps, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! I hate those Gaps, They dont even need to be there, I would fill those gaps Right now, If I had the right paint to do so, FFFFFF!!! Now The looseness issue, The arms, there pegs joints wont fully fit in the arms propperly thus it tends to fall off. ANd The Right leg, Though this couldprbably be mine, but it doesnt seem to be fully attached to its socket compared to the left leg. Im Dissapoint Revoltech.

Lookie, a silver lining in the chains

Now if it werent for my SRW fanboyism and insane(frankensteinish like) ideas...

...We would get this!

"Hook has nothing on me >=]"

Eat your Heard out The End and Neo Getter


Fishing...o_0...and no chair?

Well I'm a pansy then


"Im on a Boat bitch!"

So this guy worth it after that ridiculous rant of mine a few sections ago, well...hmm, I'd still say go for it, even if your not a Sengoku basara fan(though I have no idea how you can't like that show)But you will be bugged at how loose this guy get after a few play and posing. Now if only they gave him that adorable little Parrot in the game and the anime would I consider droping all this crap that I just mentioned(yeah right)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey Guys Im still alive, barely

see you around, and curses, No shave November, but it itches!!!