Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few PG Strike Freedom Images

Is it me, or am I torn between a love hate relationship with that frame's gold?

well after the "Fall" of NK, we pretty much slowed down on updates of Gundam or other merchandise, But he thankfully good ol ngee aint letting his resources go down with him, so thanks you NK ^^

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ITS 10/10/10 Today well In Cad

I'll add some stuff later, since Im playing the slot machine right now

Monday, October 4, 2010

MG (Clear part campaign) Gouf Custom

SO its been a longs a time since I've posted any decent review post, and I may have posted a few filler, which makes me no better than a Naruto rerun at channel 25(Orz I hurt myself). So let me make up to you by giving another long MG review, well its been long overdue anyway =P

*Model Itself*

*Body View*

Despite my many gripes at the articulation, It looks really good just standing there(would have been better if polished and topcoated it^^;)The Model has a pretty good balance, due to its weight and bulk, but seriously, its not like its gonna carry something extremely heavy now, right? >=]

Oh and Packard Norris is Included W00T, To bad I dont have appropriate paints to paint him with^^;;


Yeah bad lighting, and I kinda blurred the visor with the polishing cream a bit. But need less to say, the mono eye design is striking. BTW, NEVER USE THE EYE STICKER AT ALL!!!

It can turn its head 360, but It cant tilt its head up nor down

The scalp is removable to allow posability of the eye. This is the real pain I have with this model, you must have fingernails or something thin yet tough to move it, Its a hassle, I know.

Thats about how much I can move it^^;;

*Cockpit section*

"Don't look away, you'll only see this twice"

Its a lot more fiddling than I though it would *Fingernails required*

Didnt bother putting the pilot. Besides, It keeps falling off, and The pilot is helmeted, I want a Norris Pilot fig not some random cannon fodder dude.

*Thruster Pack*

Movable thrusters, that is all, I really wanted to paint it, but alas, all I have is blue paint...


"no amount of exercise, will do you good"

This is an old model, well not incredibly old, but you shouldn't be expecting such requirements, that's just cruel


*Beam whip/(Grappling hook)Shock whip*

"Horseplaying with equipment"

This, deffinitely, doesn't, look like the tentacle like heat rod used by other Gouf models. But hey the theme of 8th MS team is "realism"(a long dead term in Gundam timeline)Its really more of a grappling hook with a built in taser.

"Spider Gouf, Spider Gouf, does whatever a Spider Gouf, does"

*Insert cool Yet blandly displayed action scene*

*Gatling Shield/BFSNSG(Big F**king Shield aNd Sword GUN*

"4 in 1 pack"

Some insane cluster of equipment there, but heck there very awesome, if not practical for every day killing >=]

*The Gatling Gun(Not sasha)*

Main F**King reason I bought this Gun- I mean Guy. I think the rest is safe explanatory, also Drum fed. Its unfortunate the gun can't disconnect from the shield like it did in the anime

*3-Barrel 35mm Machine Gun*

It shoots bullets, not beams, also a considerable replacement for the *Vulcan fingers* The old Goufs used(this weapon was carried over to the design of GSD's gouf)

Sheild shath w/ sword

*I actually have to disassemble the gun to just get the shield* Its a Regular Gouf equipment, too bad the shield was purely solid


Its the replaceable fingers type hands, kinda fiddly and loose sometimes, and you don't need the trigger finger set

*Action Poses*

*Looking Gallant*



*Insert awesome quote*

*Insert awesome quote*

"This is my mecha, this is my gun. This is fight­ing, this is for fun."
*fears of getting shot at by violent moralists*

Oh Did I forgot to mention This was a Clear Part Campaign *points at the obvious* well here it is


At least it looks cooler than freedoms clear parts^^;;

You people should have seen this from a long mile by now

"Who said you have enough DAKKA"

BTW just a personal note, I screwed up ALL the Decals on these guy, and I went lazy with the tube section, seeing as I lost 5 and found 2 of those pipes, and I was afraid of losing anymore. Its a great Kit, for something like 40 bucks maybe, and not bad for a price if your Norris Fan.....

Or Not =P