Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sooo...about Gundam AGE

Woo wee, I havent posted in like forever in this blog, and then bam! New gundam series sees a lot of hate among bloggers...

Don't trust the scan, don't trust the translator

I actually like it, well the first concept. I'm a manchild I'll admit merchandise driven animations involving robots have always been my hobby. And yes I would so pay for the dragon mecha or the blue Gundam age.

Good ol bandai preparing the shelf warmers

So if it is merchandise driven, there's a good chance gundam will once again be known in the west( not just by internet). But...

So kids show right? Uh huh pretty Grimdark. I actually thought this was Bandai's makeover of V Gundam due to the kiddish designs of the protagonist. But this is just damn harsh at the start.

Gunpla is art, Gunpla is cheaper than a naked whore posing for a painting

So the lesson to be learned here, be open-minded you never know if shit is going to be enjoyable or not

PV here if you want to see it, though I don't trust Youtube with all that annoying copyright blocks and issues

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