Saturday, August 22, 2009

1/144 Linebarrel

Despite the fact that I H8 Kotobukiya, there the only one who manufactures all types of anime robots, especially SRW.I would have bought MG wing zero If I didnt find these guy lying there "everytime" I go to my local store, and Im still pissed of that it has the same price as A MG wing zero>_<

Nice Box >_>

Yup the face is painted= +10$
"Sprues for the Sprue GAWD!"

Finished Product:

Took me longer to build compared to regular 1/144

This guys pretty sharp,Its hard to handle this guy without puncturing yourself every time you move it

Damn ankle blades cut deep into my thumb despite being plastic >_< It even puts my old pocket knife to shame^^;

Frontal shot: Face is pretty awesome looking all fierce, love that green eye/orb part, Horns and shoulder blade are sharp as well and Waist looks almost similar Izanagi's

Doesnt this pose remind you of Zone of enders, and Persona^^

The heels can fold back via part swapping

Sheath is actually useless, just look at how long that sword is

I hate this type of part swaping

Damn Arm joints keeps popping off.

Damn pelvis joints keeps popping off

Also has additional sitting articulation, kinda like MG zakus

Back shot: sexy

Heheh, Love that marking. Panel lining this as soon I get one

Forgot to mention that the open hands can do a burning finga/destiny palm. Damn that Gonzo leaving such a cool function >=[

Action shots:

I love this pose^^

If you know me well, you should have no problem choosing which I prefer

Faceoff of the Two horns^^;

Insert random: Meh just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of creating 4 komas

Obligatory blood shots, inspired by Aces review

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mecha musume filer

BAH!!! Gawdamned computer keeps screwing up, therfore enjoy this filler post, while I beat my computer to a pulp( with my bare fist!!!)

Megatron just got screwed

Monday, August 3, 2009

Settling in surrey

Finally moved in, meh, this house aint so half assed afterall, I finall have 3 washrooms and Im near a skytrain. The floor sucks though >_<. Currently fixing up the room,I have yet to build my table and finish up the bed drawers. Thankfully the parents have me build most of the furniture,since Im bored and dont have any Gunplas left to build^^;

LOL Date in Gold armor^^;

Damn Backlog just wont die, I just finished shakugan no shana 1 and 2 and Toradora, and Im still in ep 8 of SB. Thankfully I can just watch the rest in my psp while riding the skytrain back and forth to Burnaby.

Yeah, thats the same reaction I got ^^;;

Image from Gelbooru

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Gotta catch em all... Now its Gotta build em all ^^; F_CK I want to buy this so BAD especially since they featured Feraligatr, my first(and most faved) pokemon from silver^^ Brings back good memories

Last times scoring

Oh shi~ Its catching up