Saturday, August 22, 2009

1/144 Linebarrel

Despite the fact that I H8 Kotobukiya, there the only one who manufactures all types of anime robots, especially SRW.I would have bought MG wing zero If I didnt find these guy lying there "everytime" I go to my local store, and Im still pissed of that it has the same price as A MG wing zero>_<

Nice Box >_>

Yup the face is painted= +10$
"Sprues for the Sprue GAWD!"

Finished Product:

Took me longer to build compared to regular 1/144

This guys pretty sharp,Its hard to handle this guy without puncturing yourself every time you move it

Damn ankle blades cut deep into my thumb despite being plastic >_< It even puts my old pocket knife to shame^^;

Frontal shot: Face is pretty awesome looking all fierce, love that green eye/orb part, Horns and shoulder blade are sharp as well and Waist looks almost similar Izanagi's

Doesnt this pose remind you of Zone of enders, and Persona^^

The heels can fold back via part swapping

Sheath is actually useless, just look at how long that sword is

I hate this type of part swaping

Damn Arm joints keeps popping off.

Damn pelvis joints keeps popping off

Also has additional sitting articulation, kinda like MG zakus

Back shot: sexy

Heheh, Love that marking. Panel lining this as soon I get one

Forgot to mention that the open hands can do a burning finga/destiny palm. Damn that Gonzo leaving such a cool function >=[

Action shots:

I love this pose^^

If you know me well, you should have no problem choosing which I prefer

Faceoff of the Two horns^^;

Insert random: Meh just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of creating 4 komas

Obligatory blood shots, inspired by Aces review


Willie said...

What a unique Robot!

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

wth... the sheath is shorter than the sword? LOL
that isn't exactly 'to scale' anymore, right?

Guy said...

Posting a link to this on a local miniature forum ;)

Snark said...

Holy shit you're right; now that I think about it, he really does look like an Orbital Frame from ZOE!

Anyways, looks pretty sweet for a 1/144

GunStray said...

>>Willie: Meh not so unique, more like a fusion from other mechas^^

>>Astray: Haha It still bothers me

>>Guy: you have my approval...

>>Snark: Body design is almost identical from zoe,

Guy said...

A question a bunch of us had:

How do things work out with the joints? Via sprues, that you just pluck it out and re-attach it differently, or via joints you buy in addition?

And can it be connected in a static manner?

GunStray said...

Err um didnt fully understood the question,but what I can say is, It has the same properties as a normal HG gundam. Some joints are PVC parts, and some plastic,which leads to it being lose eventually

LEon said...

You are right. Many parts of this toy is sharp. Doesn't look very comfortable to hold and to play doesn't it?

GundamJehutyKai said...

After my experiences with the SRW models, I don't trust Kotobukiya enough to get their Linebarrel kits. I think I'll go for one of those larger premade ones, like the one Volks did as part of their N.E.X.T series

GunStray said...

>> LEon: This is why I need to wear rubber gloves^^;

>> GundamJehutyKai: Heheh, this is my first kotobukiya model so I dont know much bout srw . But I do agree with you, linebarrel is pretty fragile and become loose pretty fast.

B-Mecha said...

I like the design of linebarrel and other machinas. but i think linebarrel should have some problem trying to stand still right? the feet is kinda too sharp XD

u should get gundam marker and do the lining. it will looks much better.

GunStray said...

>>B-mecha: Linebarrel doesnt have much problem standing up, its that stupid pelvis that Im RAEYGing over, And thanks for reminding, gotta buy some sooner

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Great review and funny comic strips! Very elegant mech with the spirit of a samurai. A kit with great articulation and prepainted parts.

Anonymous said...

Need the female faced version ):

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Koto's gonna release Naked(no, not THAT naked) since it's my favorite. But since it uses the ABS-ABS and polycap joint combo, it is highly unliekly that I'll buy it.

The fact that I'm a Bandai Fanboy is beside the point.

The only one HG class model that I like articulation-wise is the HG 00. If only all plamo can have that kind of articulation *siiigh*

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Haha thanks^^

>>Kodomut: Hmm never heard of that,do you mean the pink one?

>>Shion: I highly doubt that, the naked didnt really get much fan appreciation. It has a sexy waist though, isnt a match against articulate waist^^;

Anonymous said...

What I like about the Naked is that its shoulders aren't too big, the head not too long, legs not too big, Tail Stabilizer not existant, and it has the best weapons package; A hugantic sword and a Mobile Armor the size of a small moon. Although that may be exaggerating it a bit.

GunStray said...

>> Shion: Hmm I didnt remember much of the naked cept its mobile armor, Oh yeah it was the hair like things which I liked about it

Anonymous said...

The tankobon version of the manga has some extra pages detailing about the Machinae, and I happened to (fanboyishly) save some.

GunStray said...

>>Shion: Heheh I though Im the only one who keeps mecha pron^^;

Anonymous said...

I've got the compulsion to Rclick->Save image when I see mecha linearts.

Apt-1B said...

He's pretty awesome my friend, but what series is he from. He almost has a "Zone of the Enders" look, but I know that can't be right.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how the Double X's waist turned out. I'm putting the finishing touches on tomorrow, then I'll post some pictures. Keep your eyes open for it.

Anonymous said...

@Apt: Kurogane no Linebarrels, or Linebarrels of Iron, both manga and anime, as the titular Mecha.

Lightning Sabre said...

Hehe nice 4koma. "Just a flesh wound" XD

Heh nice comparison with the knife too. So when you do a Crocodile Dundee parody you can tell them, "That's not a knife, mate. This is a knife" *takes out Linebarrels of Iron kit*

Anonymous said...

We need better blood filters, hey? lol, nice 4koma

GunStray said...

>> LS: Hahah Ill keep that, thanks for the idea

>> Acesan:Thanks^^