Friday, July 18, 2008 heck an even better US?english trailer,and this time all 4 meisters voices can be heard

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

gundam 00 sci fi channel

not clearly new stuff anymore but for those who cant watch videos from youtube , u can watch this instead

My desk


My work desks a pain, especially when Im building 1/100. My desk is so cramped that even under it is cramped already,well I cant do nothin about it,I live in a small apartment

GunStray in construction

What dya know I created my own blog,well I wasnt really intriged to do so because of my laziness.(Im too bored as well -_-; ). But I decided to do it anyways to ease my boredom,lol.

This blog is still in construction,as I still have to learn how to post my own pics, where to get good topics to post and customize this blog. It might take months but hopefuly I should get a good post soon. Later.

(congratulations if you succesfully scrolled down to construction post, your prize, a blushing Aegis LOL)