Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1/144 Astray Blue( musume) frame WISP 4

"Something to do with faces"

The only faces Im gonna use for the project, since the third feels kinda stupid. and Im gonna have to revamp the eyepatch soon, but I did do a clean job removing that chin pimple.

Chin strap, cause Blue frame L has it as well, and so does my banner

Later on Im gonna sculpt a few more hair bangs on before I could start working on the helmet, so what do you think?

WIP shoulder armor

Changed the design of the skirt armor as well, i mosly based it off the MG revise skirt armor btw.The design is less bulkier and doesnt restrain the movements of the legs, Plus the sword and sheath could be attached now, the only downside is that it feels a little too fragile


And Guess who got "Rollbacked!"

Well Im not gonna be uploading a few more till next week since my family will have to go camping, oh well Hope there are thick bushes^^

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fuwa-Fuwari Fuwa-Fuwaru OH SHI!!!!!!!

Sink this to your head, Sink IT!!




Norio Wakamoto

Frog Sawako

Miku(did Imention I hate Vocaloids)

I didnt bother: Genderbent

Pandemonium san

Duet: Izaya and Nadeko

I have the full song, and I love it!!!

Yeah I endure such cutesy song since I have this manly track playing all the time

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PSA, Public Summer(?) Announcement, dont worry there are no sharks or jellyfishes

Its summer, its hot, and Ironically, war made bots, savin our colon and health, hey that rhymed,PS blogger pls put an option to have the old style post making back, I had a much easier time using that format.Okay enjoy the filler.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Poison, and even more hating

Been a long time since Ive done product placement*meh* more like a buy list actually

Now I've been anticipating RG's release ever since Hiroy and Ngee, posted the building process, and wow was it intriging. I might buy 3 in the future, and 3, yes

Evaded BD's strong amount of poison from those previous comics posted, and I cant help but to look at that "Bold" crotch placement *note to self, buy more shinkis*


Hey If I like one of the 00 s2 gundams, then Ill have to force myself to buy all of them. But I am lovin the design, and 00Q, actually has a BFG/omnislash mode!!

Yah think the folks complaing about Sinaju would shut up, out comes an HGUC version, cheaper and more harder to paint!!

Planetes, that is all

Limited, Sad face :(......

F**king Jason, best accessories ever!, Screw the Alien Queen, This is Awesome!!

Im kinda disspointed Lupin III Revoltechs are gonna be this small, oh well I just want my nostalgia back^^;

YAY!! Justice for the most, Bashed, and most Hated(well not really) Prime/Convoy replacement out there, and missing out on MP Prime, since I was in saudi, and saudi toys r us, are boring as fuck places.

"His a car, Beat that superior spouting radio!"
No brainer I like soundwave, and Im waiting for War for cybertron Megs as well, too bad he comes with no casseticons T_T

Reddeco, Who cares, Blurr, finally with a decent body!

Prime doesnt come with his Axe of GAR!!! Disgrace, and his a deluxe, even more disgraceful!!! But Im still gonna get him, compensation for not having the PS3 nor the game, cheaper too^^;

Sunday, July 18, 2010

1/144 Astray Blue( musume) frame WISP 3

The torso and the abdomen are one piece now, compared to the last one where it can swivel, the problem was when I added the front astray torso, the abdomen would connct, so I had shave bits of it. Then I just glue the whole thing together.

The shoddy build but here it is:

Figma Celty Anyone^^

Pretty big or so I guess, update. Finished adding most of the Astray torso and I just needed to file it down. The arms are done,it just need painting. Finishing the lower skirt armor, and will start soon on the shoulder and the hair



A shot from my entry for Z's 4 koma contest, this is not the original entry this is the parodied/clusterfucked version of that image