Monday, March 30, 2009


I while ago came across announcement of HGUC Hi-Nu. SWEET, since I cant buy a lot of MG

Still the MG cant be beat by its miniaturized self^^;

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monster hunter frontier 5.0

:JEALOUSY RISING: Why does Jap have to be so greedy T^T

Gundam 00 Revival


Reborn Gundam looks realy nice,and it looks like Lancelot

-Goodbye 00 raier(or not)
-Healing death was prety amusing, Hallelujah killing touch>=]
(Damn it she was my fave inovade)
-Revive dies as well, Lockon doesnt die(YAY)
-Setsuna vs Ribbons was very satisfying,Glad to see Exia again^^
-Though If ribbons exceed that of inovators, why the hell was he fighting with an outclassed MS?
-Marina had a pretty long monologue thanks to that, Graham was merely shown.Oh well lets hope his in the movie
-Patrick lives, also his marrying Kati^^
-Gundam 00 movie date 2010(Edited thnx Astray)

Random Curiosity Gundam 00 s2 ep 25(END)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gundam 00 ep 24 Beyond

Some info
-Everyone's on the brink of death one has to act like gawd... again :cough: setsuna :cough:
-Anyways the it shows if everyone understood each other peace can be achieved. well its a bit more reasonable than having peace through songs.
-Ali didnt deserve a boring death, even though I hate him
-Tieria is veda now!?! well his dead0_o
-Billy returns to sumeragi...WTF he deserve to die!

Giant death bunny, someone really pissed of the easter bunny.



useless head shot, try shooting the back.

Bye Ali

Setsuna= Batlefield gawd/Tieria= God like


Since its almost the end I might as well jump in the bandwaggon^^
Random curiosity

Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows(ENG)

Its been 3 years since I last heard of Eureka seven. And now a trailer of the movie has been revealed. The movie is supposed to be a new version of the story, so that means there might be some major changes compared to the anime series.

BTW if Eurekas hair stays that way near the ending that will be very nice ^^;

Got the news Gaia forums and Vice

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Uncomfired Gunpla releases

HG Arche Gundam - May release
HG O Gundam - Release date
HG Susanoo - July release

Well,well,well. looks like Susanoo and Arche will get a gunpla release after all. Does that mean ill have to stop masurao proj? I mean I have a series of mifortune just preparing the frame and the parts, I even bought the wrong type putyT^T...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Giving TRANS-AM a bad rap

The worst cannon fodder Ive seen yet. Making clones and putting them in mass produced mobile suit/missiles is even stupider, worse...They got TRANS-AM 0_o

BTW an army of Brings and Divine all saying trans-am, is just scary >~<

Anyway this is full battle EP,this is what we've been aching for...right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project: Flag to Masurao P1

Got the Flag

The foundation

This is actually the first time I bought a flag, and its SWEET^^!!! Now to get bushidos ahead. Bad news for me though, it seems that railway hobby store sold out of pla cards and restocks will be next month-_-damn...

(Megahouse) New action works Blassreiter

Hermann Blassreiter - Late April release

Action Works Gerd Blassreiter Spirits of the Dead - event limited release

Action Works BR-06 Xargin Blassreiter - under development

happy that Hermanns gonna be out in a few months, but still not sure about Gerdo SOTD. I still have to get Joseph and the GARM

Thursday, March 12, 2009

FREE Pizza!!!

Free touscani^^

Project: Flag to Marasao

DAMN IT!! I cant wait for bandai to start developing marasoa anymore, hell they havent even planned the Arche!! Anyway I might be able to turn a regular(erm custom)flag in to Marasao!

I have to get 1/144 custom flag and Mr. Bushidos Ahead to plan out the transformation. Unfortunately My local store sold out of custom flags and Bushidos Ahead is arriving next month

With this major setback I might as well save up for the funds and haul in tons of putty and plasticards

And the 00 raiser never arrived btw,looks like I'll have to cancel that project as well T^T

VF-25G 1/60 chokogin Add ons

This wont be compatible to my previos post unfortunately

The add ons from the Ranka scene in ep 12^^

I love this scene, Ranka as usual is cute^^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arios review

My first "real" review ^^;

It makes no sense why have this function the gun, considering there's not much grunt units on the ground to shoot at.

Wrist guns.Exia used to have this function, but it works better for arios.

You'll need to force and wedge the cover the first time its attached, after that its loose enough to take off

Pose from Ep 17, it actually hard to do cause of the arm design.

LOL, croth drive^^;

Beam sabers attached under shoulder skirt, bad/good thing is, its kinda loose.

Makes no sense why one has to be short, they could have just made both long.

The design of the Beams are different, its not pointed on the top and it has this blade like appearance, kind of like bushidos Ahead beams.

The hands are supposed to be attached on the side of the stomach for the 1/100. The 1/144 version doesnt do it because of the gun.

This is what irritates me about the arios design,you need to loosen the the legs from the pelvis to allow transformation.In the instruction you have to push it in to the end. So tip is just to let the legs have space between the pelvis to allow arios some more articulation

Liked the new MA form of Arios, and its easier now, move some stuff and take out the back skirt and reattach it upward. Just forgot to put kyrios MA for comparison, I'll add it soon

Comparison between kyrios .Arios is bigger than his predecessor of course. I still like Kyrios brighter orange scheme and claw shield which Arios doesnt have.

I hope you get the last picture,lol!