Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arios review

My first "real" review ^^;

It makes no sense why have this function the gun, considering there's not much grunt units on the ground to shoot at.

Wrist guns.Exia used to have this function, but it works better for arios.

You'll need to force and wedge the cover the first time its attached, after that its loose enough to take off

Pose from Ep 17, it actually hard to do cause of the arm design.

LOL, croth drive^^;

Beam sabers attached under shoulder skirt, bad/good thing is, its kinda loose.

Makes no sense why one has to be short, they could have just made both long.

The design of the Beams are different, its not pointed on the top and it has this blade like appearance, kind of like bushidos Ahead beams.

The hands are supposed to be attached on the side of the stomach for the 1/100. The 1/144 version doesnt do it because of the gun.

This is what irritates me about the arios design,you need to loosen the the legs from the pelvis to allow transformation.In the instruction you have to push it in to the end. So tip is just to let the legs have space between the pelvis to allow arios some more articulation

Liked the new MA form of Arios, and its easier now, move some stuff and take out the back skirt and reattach it upward. Just forgot to put kyrios MA for comparison, I'll add it soon

Comparison between kyrios .Arios is bigger than his predecessor of course. I still like Kyrios brighter orange scheme and claw shield which Arios doesnt have.

I hope you get the last picture,lol!


MarkC said...

hey your pics are blur at closeup. try using macro mode on your camera to take close details ;)

GunStray(Mikee) said...

Thanks ,I'll see If I have that feature on my cam

Q said...

Macro mode usually has a flower symbol to it. I've only learnt of it last summer when I (re)started blogging :P

Both Kyrios and Arios do look nice in terms of designs. It's hard to say which one I'd prefer, but I tend to like the grunt units more from the first season ^^;

AstrayP03 said...

exia HAS a wrist gun???

Xenostripsis said...

lol, comparing oranges to oranges, oh and about the camera, try auto mode, it may help

P03: no, mikee was talking about the wrist gimmick, not about the wrist guns, the only ranged weapon exia has is that GN-beam rifle at the base of the GN-blade