Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random komic:I have the bigger gun P1

Freedom:I have a bigger gun than you

Freedom:Even bigger
GNX:WTH,now your just showing off!

Freedom:0_o WTF!!!


I just have to, Im so bored and pissedT_T

A Terrans worse fear


BTW the old starcraft cannot handle this much,the basically game just shuts down

Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy chines new year folks!! I feel particularly scared of saying "Gung Hey Fat Choy" for fear of someone asking a red envelope-_-;

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Infamous "No Waist Joint"

Remember this

Horrible eh!!Well this is bandai's newest, and STUPIDEST, idea to cutback prices for the new 1/100 Gundam 00. No waist joint!!!

But if you though Its only 00, think again. Cherudim has no waist joint as well.

As you can see from the action images, Cherudim is shown not having waist movement.

Arios is suspected to have no waist joint, alos since the transformation doesnt need it.

It is currently unknown if Seravee and Seraphim includes a waist, unfortunately the current given pictures, doesnt show it having waist action.

It could be hinted that all 1/100 gunplas for Gundam 00 wont have a waist, so far the only units are just the gundams, we have yet to see if other MS will be developed.

This is very sad for all us gundam fans and regular modelers >:(


More Seraphim images(HG 1/144 and HCM pro)

Cast your doubts away folks, seravees compatible. The question is,wth is that red thing on seraphims back?

Some pics make it looks like gan men,lulz.

Throw away your backpack!!(lol ive been waiting to say that^_^;)

The Hardest Motemote yet

DAMN IT!!! I was affraid this would happen. A cute pink paired vampire or a cute fox girl. This probably the hellishly hardest decision, a randomly insane person/otaku can have, yet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Epic traps Part1(or not)

Something wrong with me?? I mean yeah sure Riko is Ritos full girl counter part, add being tomboyish, and you get one EPICLY CUTE TRAP!!!LOL, if you dont know this, its from to To-Love-Ru.


Lancelot albion!!ROBOT damnashi new products

Nirvash TheEnd
lancelot Albion
Turn X

OMG,YAY The Albion is being released,soon. All those time of waiting will finaly pay off, All I need is the guren flightII and Ill be able to renact the most epic fight in code geass.


Ok, I dont get why people hates marasao, bullshidos/Grahams new ms. First off, Maraso body design, itss a flag with some Ahead, and Maybe some GN-X parts on it. The whole thing looks like a damn awesome samurai.HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LIKE THAT.WE ALL LIKED MUSHA, SURE HIS FULL SAMURAI,BUT MARASAO HAS THE LOOKS AS WELL,I LIKE MARASO BETTER, ITS BECAUSE ITS SLIM, HAS TWIN KATANAS, AND Trans-GrahAM(LULZ).

Oh well, it doesnt matter until folks read this, and starts throwing garbage at me.Its your choice to H8 it or like it,but im ranting not againt you, or your choice.

PS. It might offend you.



Well I dont know if my flash player is working properly ,or the fact that youtube is the problem. I cant seem to get it working in my blog. Just browsing to youtube brings out this error:Http/1.1 Internal Server Error.-_- BTW youtube removed fair use, due to that, the number of removed, blocked and banned videos are increasing, whcih might have caused the problem.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gundam 00 S2 ED 2: Trust you by Yuna Ito

Beautiful tragedy. Why, this images should give you a clear vision, and the video.

That some Mecha pron they have.Btw above is my current wallpaper:]

Im saddened over the fallen gundams, It actually reminds you of Gundam wing.I just love that 00 scene resting in the flower beds,it actually has the only nice resting place while the others are left to rest in harsh lands.

Images from Random curiosity

Monday, January 19, 2009

Basketball+Giant robot=Basquash

Anyway way, this is another sport themed Mecha anime, and the only mech sport anime we had so far was IGPX. The difference? Its basketball!!The animation has this Eureka 7 fluid energetic animation, The mechs however looks very similar to Megas XLR(lulz).

Website for more info:

Basquatch will be premiering April 2009,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trans-Am..Available now for Tau drive

Remember this Suit

Marasao Indeed has Trans-Am mode


Why did I say that, well there like an uncontrolled number of overpowered suits,hell even mass produced units are a chaos.I miss old times when mass production was truly cannon fodder. Although I can already see this forecoming, I mean in 1st season everything is overpowered, and now it got even bigger.This is one of the primary causes that lead GSdestiny to horrible end, and now Gundam 00 is heading this way.NOT GOOD sunrise, not good

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valkyria anime


If its real,that's good.If not ,B4k4!!!

Anyway I luv the game cuze advanced war was pretty addictive(and annoying at the same time),though I dont think its related it looks very the same. Cant get my gamefaqs right

PG Astray Red Frame

The release date for Astray is Mar,09

Anyway we already know that the it will be using PG Strikes frame.

>:] New Gerbera Straight design,F-ing sweet!!!

here the PDF File link:

Here the prototype pic.
They just have to make it clear^_^;

Images from:Gunota.Info and Ngee Khiong

Thursday, January 15, 2009

LOL. Anyway, If Hatsune Miku has a leek,Megurine Luka has... a TUNA??

Monday, January 12, 2009


First of all,Im not talking about gundam/figure release. 2nd Im talking about Monster hunter. If there are any MonHun Fans out there Please sign this pettion


Note this ain't my own petttion

(in case it doesnt work)Link:

Also I dont see a lot of comment in my blog(so lonely T_T)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Compilations of Gundam 00 Op

First compilation of Gundam 00 OP.YAY(sfx:You suck[to me]do something better)Reason why I made a compilation,well since the gundam 00 is almost over and pretty much the ops are all awesome.

Op 1 Daybreak's Bell by L'Arc-en-Ciel

Op 2 Ash like snow by the brilliant green

Op 3 Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi by UVERworld

Op 4 Stereo Pony by Namida no Mukou

So which is the best Op for you,mine probably the 2nd Op Ash like snow

Gundam 00 sci fi channel(eng ver)

Current pros
-some of the voices have improved dramatically. No duh considering this is new language.
-Patrick voice is higher pitch,lulz its funnier a bit than jap
-Setsunas voice sound nice,young nice,Its not monotone anymore.

-dear gawd Grahams voice is pretty siissy
-the start scares the hell out of me(the war scene).
-Allelujahs voice sound more like Heero.I like his own emotional voice better.

NEW MOBILE SUITS Not really interested in it

The gan men/big head of seravee from my previous post:

Seraphim,the secret of seravee revealed.Just the name will remind you of Sephiroth (lulz Im still a FF fan).Not really interested.

From this point of view.If you think Mr bullshido/Grahams suit is twice as fat as his ahead.Oh yeah the new units name is Masarao[still finding what it means]

Think again.

DAMN it actually looks sexy!!! Also it uses the flags body with ahead parts on it.Also if you look at the particles,it looks like green.if it is, Setsuna is sashime

Im reffering to Masarao suit:Drools:)

Stereopony by Namida no Mukou

What's to expect,Gundam 00 so far has good openings.This one now resembles more of seed/destiny,full of action and nekkid chars.=]

I you cant watch it here the link:

littlebig spoilers
-O gundams pilot is ribbons 0_o
-Two new gundam/mobilesuit.
-Ali not killed
-Sumeragi is dead to Billy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mr. Bushidos Ahead

Now before we see Mr. Bull shidos, new mobile suit.I might as well lookup about busidos 1/144 plamo. In my older posts, I am pissed of that the fact the head is flat faced.Well thanks to Prime[refer to video up], he showed this gunpla is worth getting.

PS. I still H8 the Aheads design.

Also Marvin, If you still want to get this suit,get it now.Or just wait for a 1/100 if bandai makes one ^_^;

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

True pilot(at least)of GN archer

May you people who read this be confused!!!To the point now,if Soma is the pilot of GN archer, then WTH is Anew's role then,I still hope she ain't spy. I mean HC(healing care[I dont like it one bit folks!]) used her brainwaves to find CB head quarters afterall.T_T 0_o X3

Anyway image from SRW Hotnews

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bonds of the Battlefield Portable.

Another Bandai Namco Gundam game for the PSP:Bonds of the Battlefield Portable.Its 4 Vs 4 Gundam team battle port from arcade.This system of fighting may seem kind of like Gundam musuo, hope not. Release date is March 09.

Magazine Limited Release Revoltech Enkidudu

From Ngee Khiong. Very sad news for me:(...

"Revoltech Enkidudu was announced as early as September last year, and it was reported that the release date was going to be in December, but it turns out to be a mail-order only limited release for the hobby magazine Figure-O Vol. 130."

0_oD4MN IT!!!WOE did they released this as a mail order for the mag! This is utter Madness(not insanity though. Im not sure if those folks who mail ordered the mag got this all of a sudden(I have no idea how mail ordering works). One thing I hope for is Enkidudu can still be released, cause I plan to get all off Virals gan-men, at least=[