Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bonds of the Battlefield Portable.

Another Bandai Namco Gundam game for the PSP:Bonds of the Battlefield Portable.Its 4 Vs 4 Gundam team battle port from arcade.This system of fighting may seem kind of like Gundam musuo, hope not. Release date is March 09.


AstrayP03 said...

i wouldn't mind if it's like gundam musou cus the ps3 verr actually looked gud...TwT too bad i dun have a ps3...

Xenostripsis said...

I never bought musou for my ps3 because, while it may have looked good, the game was actually crap, and i have no idea why they haven't brought th price down in stores, I M,EAN COME ON! THAT GAME IS NOT WORTH FIFTY BUCKS
*rant ends here*
any idea if bonds is goingto use the same engine as battle universe?