Monday, March 29, 2010


I sweared, Im never doing product placements ever, unfortunately, I just got my wish answered.

FUUUUUWWWWWWK, YEAH!! Its Nazca, the unripe hero of W, too bad he got replaced by an overpowered @ss.

Master Asia, he'll chop you in half, and your MS with it, with a cloth

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Revoltech Valkyrie VF -1s Roy Focker

Spot the screw up here?

Heheh, I always end up with second options, supposed to buy Signum, except, she's sold out=_=, F same with Date, so I end up with this.Being The first Yamaguchi revol-line I have,and also the FIRST VF, or at least the last I'll ever have^^;, Im happy as Hell!

Tons of Ad papers here, I wanted the assemble borg though^^

Instruction booklet...Its my "life saver"

Box Content:

Man do I love these new accecory box, its better than those figma plastic bag, nicer too. The coin, is freakin useless unless your in the country of Nihon.

It also Includes the new stands that has more articulation, the socket sucks though.

Mounting the Gun, actually took me 3 minutes to figure out, how to mount it

until I accidentally removed the gunbarrel, I just nocticed that its collapsible. Nice, maybe next time why not put it in the instructions!

recent studies show, that many VF pilots died because the wings f-cked up on them. The wings are really loose

The regular gundam base stand, is still the clear winner of base stands

Chicken mode,the common joke

Behold its Might and glory...No its just F-cking loose>.<

Gerwalk mode:

Gerwalk mode, its what seperate Transformer and Gundams seperate from each other, otherwise, the "missing link"

Err, ugh, this is disturbing, really...

It took me a while to figure what the f-wk are this things supposed to be, and I figured, this are hooks, made for the hands, there actualy not bad...until the pegs on the arms got stuck inside the arms, then the hooks became useless, if it wasn't for the mighty paper clip, the pegs would still be stuck.


Batroid mode:

Wow, I actually find this mode rather stable, if not inaccurate, the back filled with pegs, but it definitely aint worse than bionicle

In the world of Gundam, except G gundam, heads are useless weak back up, none the less cool,in the world of SRW, there cool and deadly, and in the world of Macross, head are just useful. Seriously before watching macross, I though these were some funky antenas like V fins, until I notice these were lasers, and theres four of them, wow, why do they even carry gattling gun?

comes with 8 hands, I only showed four cause the smaller hands were a joke,and the other two are in use.

Im a shooting Vajras, I mean Zentradi soldiers~_~.

Hikaru Ichijyo, come with me if you want to live

Happy valentines?


Scene from Macross zero, not really, I just need to pose the VF in the pic with the revoltech stand in it.

Damn Skull Logo is so Bad@ss, that it rivals that of crosbone. either way it makes a pirate flag look stupid.


Arios: HOLY CR@P, Its starcream

Roy:WTF Im Roy Focker!!
Arios: Heheh,you said F-cker^^

Roy: How's these for FOCKER, IDIOT!!!

"Reach out for the truth"

Any macross fan should consider getting one of these products, since these is one of the few unique revoltechs out so far, and tackling the complexity of a Valyrie, handling through all three transformation stages with little part swapping, though people still new to the mecha should refer to the "all mighty Instruction booklet", its Pretty great, though major issue is looseness, I wont bother you that much.

Now hopefully they would start on Strumgovel and the VF-25 series.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Spring and a new batch of crap/goods we go

"It's that time of year again...where everyone,one well statistically everyone does there s#it of picking up what they will, would, must at least, more so, less, they want to watch."
And half of those ppl more so probably an average of 50% never finished, or least forcefully drops it, thanks to ,time, lack of weekends, lack of snack, lack of motivation, to being lazy, or having a crappy PC who blue screen SPAMS you for every time you use flash, watch videos[Its me damn it! I have these problem, what do I do, torrent my gawd damn episodes?!?(I need help!!)]

Blehh, list my picks anyway, since it fun just letting ppl know what you would be watching...NOT!!>:P

Heroman (its BONES, watch it! Ningen!)
ANGEL BEATS (ITS KEYS, Dunno but it made me cry)
Mayoi neko overun
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
SD Gundam sangokuden
Ring ni kakero
Giant killing

Might watch it:
Romance of the three kingdom
Kiss X sis
Senko no night raid

I still have a lot on my backlog,thats it Im buyin a dell, or an acer

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HG 1/144 Garazzo & Gaddess review

Bah!, Been meaning to review all Inovator suits(minus Reborns)havent had lucked spotting Hillings Gadessa^^;;

Garazo and Gaddess, most faved of Inovator MS, paint scheme too. They pretty much share the same body frames minus cosmetic and equipment changes.


GN cutter, never used sadly

GN vulcan, its a wrist gun

One thing I like about Inovator MS, they come with built in weaponry

Not only is the feet weird,its a chore to just set the toes up.

(Gaddess) Side

We already have enough bit spammers in the 00 series, but this one is pretty special, cause its piloted by Anew

GN drive, escape pod thing, kinda ugly in my opinion.

Heat saber, pretty bland in comparison to...well any close combat weapon.

GN beam saber fangs, This is bigger than zwei's fang bits, nice looking too.

Clear effect parts and this is also compatible to Cherudim

Touhou much anyone?

Added bonus, they give you the regular skirt armor parts.

ああ、見ちゃだめ!("Ah, Micha dame!") "Dont look!"
To be frank, I stole this^^;;

looks better than the bit holder skirts


(Garazzo) Side

Design wise, I love how this guy looks, yeah spike are very generic, paint scheme really looks good on this on too. Props to whoever named this suit, heheh GARazzo^^;;

If you'd watched 00, you'd know how cool and useless heads are, and googles, they do nothing.

Gn shield closed

Gn shield open

That shield really looks like a face.

Even the chest looks like a face!

Closed fist and gaunlets

"Want a piece of me,punk!"

GN claw Beam saber, awesomest close combat weapon Innovators have, would have split the beams and fingers apart, except I dont have Hillings Garazzo yet, so it stays like that for now