Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its Spring and a new batch of crap/goods we go

"It's that time of year again...where everyone,one well statistically everyone does there s#it of picking up what they will, would, must at least, more so, less, they want to watch."
And half of those ppl more so probably an average of 50% never finished, or least forcefully drops it, thanks to ,time, lack of weekends, lack of snack, lack of motivation, to being lazy, or having a crappy PC who blue screen SPAMS you for every time you use flash, watch videos[Its me damn it! I have these problem, what do I do, torrent my gawd damn episodes?!?(I need help!!)]

Blehh, list my picks anyway, since it fun just letting ppl know what you would be watching...NOT!!>:P

Heroman (its BONES, watch it! Ningen!)
ANGEL BEATS (ITS KEYS, Dunno but it made me cry)
Mayoi neko overun
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
SD Gundam sangokuden
Ring ni kakero
Giant killing

Might watch it:
Romance of the three kingdom
Kiss X sis
Senko no night raid

I still have a lot on my backlog,thats it Im buyin a dell, or an acer


chrismandesign said...

this is what u plan to watch... this month, this year, this decade ??? hehehe... that’s the reason i hav no plans to watch anime/comic series, i’d never acomplish that list... i see whatever i want whenever i can, in that order XDDDD... anyway, i don’t know nutin bout the series u mentioned, so i guess they r great... bout ur problem, i prefer to buy the pirate version of the movie/series i want (i leave this to pros) cuz those series r not available in original versions in my country... BTW i never dare to use torrent or something like that... this is the best software to download crap/virus, if u know what i mean... LOL

DivineLight said...

Angel Beats? I've to do some google for this. It's a KEY!!

is this the one with the Haruhi-like character?

DivineLight said...

sorry for double.
a quick google and YES!!! this is the one I wait for a long time.
Gotta find it fast.

GunStray said...

>> ChrisMandesign: Yep its a chore, and we actualy have to do this 4 times a year. Hahah, thank for savin my ass there, I was just about to get a binfull of them^^;;;;

>> Divinlight: Hahah, It'sby key, to be honest I dont know s#it about them, but just the trailer was made of win and tears^^

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Hmm... i usually don't plan what anime to watch -i go to anime steaming sites, go through their list through genres, read the short intro bout what the anime is about, peek at the screenshots (which may decide whether that series is my type), then, download and watch the series on impulse -random choosing. Most of the time picked up anime that i end up liking them so it's fine.

GunStray said...

>> EXkurogane: Heheh, thanks, Ive seen senko no nightraid and Angel beats, though its Heroman i wanted to see, since 'm confident on most of Bones works