Monday, January 19, 2009

Basketball+Giant robot=Basquash

Anyway way, this is another sport themed Mecha anime, and the only mech sport anime we had so far was IGPX. The difference? Its basketball!!The animation has this Eureka 7 fluid energetic animation, The mechs however looks very similar to Megas XLR(lulz).

Website for more info:

Basquatch will be premiering April 2009,


Xenostripsis said...

hmmm... hopefully we see more robot anime of this calibur, visuals l00k $weet! Unfortunately, basketball playing robots does not interest me much, i may watch it for the mech action tho

GunStray(Mikee) said...

I love basketball, and since Im into Mecha as well,This is a sure watch.Also theres only one Mecha sport IGPX so far hope this becomes a hit.

Anyway I think Im the first one who actaully posted this Anime.Hope I hear more from other bloggers out their so I can see their response

Xenostripsis said...

i've only seen the 1st episode of igpx. T_T (no cable tv) it was pretty good, but the plot was lacking and the designs looked pretty damn fragile(even tho they looked awesome)