Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gundam 00 S2 ED 2: Trust you by Yuna Ito

Beautiful tragedy. Why, this images should give you a clear vision, and the video.

That some Mecha pron they have.Btw above is my current wallpaper:]

Im saddened over the fallen gundams, It actually reminds you of Gundam wing.I just love that 00 scene resting in the flower beds,it actually has the only nice resting place while the others are left to rest in harsh lands.

Images from Random curiosity


gordon said...

love the new ED. yuna ito sings nice ballads.

Anonymous said...

This ending theme is made very beautiful, it was good idea with those damaged/wrecked mecha in a peaceful setting. Music used in it is also great.

GunStray(Mikee) said...

Lets hope the series turns out good, or great.Cause the song is too good to be wasted.

AstrayP03 said...

@gordon yepyep!