Friday, January 23, 2009

Lancelot albion!!ROBOT damnashi new products

Nirvash TheEnd
lancelot Albion
Turn X

OMG,YAY The Albion is being released,soon. All those time of waiting will finaly pay off, All I need is the guren flightII and Ill be able to renact the most epic fight in code geass.


Xenostripsis said...

wow, the Nirvash type The END looks awesome! yah gotta love black robots!

Anonymous said...

I like Nirvash the end because it was pretty badass. The claw makes it looks like freddy krugers personal mech:p

Xenostripsis said...

Anon: yah the END was totally awesome, too bad it the pilot turned to the "light side" and got it destroyed. so now you see what happens to traitors!