Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waisting 00 P2

"Bondage and Relaxation"

Not that kind of bondage your expecting^^;.Plating should cover up that ugly putty. Im kinda annoyed how slow I am at these project. And Tommorow is my last exams, and I dont even get what Im studying, in this case math >.<. Oh well, even If I do fail I already rigged my chances of passing math. But this is still a bad thing to do, so don't do what I do. Anyway whats my 00 doing.
I'm jealous that he get to relax while I suffer=.=

LOL he forgot to insert a game^^

He also get to read whats under my bed(thats Read or die btw)

Manananggal= A Filipino monster, which is a half woman(missing the lower proportion)and has batwing, eats childrens btw >_>



Q said...

It looks like that the waist operation is going well on the way, and lol 00 Gundam chilling out XD

Btw Manananggal does look creepy with the fact that the 2 halves are seperated yet are as one at the same time... o_o

GunStray said...

>>Q: things have been kinda slow with the exams.

Lightning Sabre said...

Oooh yeah I love a good bondage... oh man, it's a Gundam bondage, and not even a full figure, lol.

Heheh nice picture at the end there XD

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

have to say this but..... that wasnt the kind of bondage i was expecting :S

Willie said...

Hahah..interesting self-story description