Thursday, June 25, 2009

My B4ckL 0g

Okay, Since Exams are done, I have the whole summer enjoying whatever crap/stuff/projects that ive been postponing for a long while.

As for my anime list, well its MONSTROUS!! Im blaming myself for my lazyness and excuses^^;

To-Love-Ru: Manga is still ongoing, while waiting, I might as well watch the anime

Bamboo Blade: I read half the manga, and currently still reading it.

Shakugan no shana I and II: I excused myself on watching this series too many times.

Basquash: Last ep watched was 3, thanks to random curiosity, Im still updated. Thank god I see no Micheal Jordan, moving around in a giant robot^^;

Mazinger Z hen: Though I havent watched any old mecha,I didnt like Mazingers design (mostly because I grew up with gundma design)and a badguy named Dr Hell, its pretty chessy. But it has one of more BADASS Opening, also I just learned he can turn into a GIANT F*CKING FIST

Sora Kake: Last ep watched ep5

Toradora: One of the few better slice of life animes I hae yet to finish.

Mio X Azusa, Doujinshin comin soon, REALLY soon

K-on: Researching just how much hate Snark just accumalated watching the whole series.

Tears to Tiara: Okays the Harem is complete, let the mass fest begin!

Black cat: Proving that guns vs sword isnt as obvious as you think. Also Train finally appeared in To Love Ru manga^^

Melancholy of Haruhi: "Hey s2 came out yay", I dont know why its famous, so this is for curious reason

Tayutama: Its from a nice ero-like game(me thinks,correct me if Im wrong)

Well thats nowhere near half my backlog^^;


Anonymous said...

OMG I see Shinn, and Cagalli!!

And yes, Vardant is awesome. Too bad the factor is....*spoilarz*

GunStray said...

>>Shion: Lol, I see what joo mean, though the studio's not sunrise

Snark said...

Beware! Treading into K-On will leave you a bitter, hollow husk of a human being! Learn from my mistake!

And rubbish, Dr.Hell is the greatest villain name ever. What the fuck kind of villain name is Antispiral? With Dr.Hell, you know exactly where he stands.

GunStray said...

>>Snark: I blame myself for being a newbie, since all bad guys names I've heard of are pretty much regular names.