Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monuments of Non-fiction

:Tears of awe:T~T, Theres no doubt that all Gunotas are touched.

One time, I wished they build a life size monument of the "enterprise"... Then after hearing that a life sized Gundam is being built, I said "F*ck the enterprise! This is f*cking Gundam!"(The exact words I said)

Im still amazed that we build monument for something we see in the TV or some "random viewing devices", such as giant robots beating the crap out of each other.
Then again, we are pretty materialistic.

Dont have much care for star trek, I only like the Ship. Sorry Trekies.

"If I see a Giant Kamina statue, I would be both in awe and dismay..."


Snark said...

$5 says that the gundam statue is actually a secret military weapon meant to fight off the coming alien invasion.

GunStray said...

0_o, randomly what you just said reminds of GaoGaiGar

Lightning Sabre said...

Totally agreed on your statement there... "This is f*cking Gundam!" XD

This is probably one of the biggest life size monuments in the world! And it's really happening!!

blauereiter said...

Can't wait to see that Gundam in person soon ! :]