Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revoltech Alter Saber

Hehe, been to busy that I've forgotten to review Alter Saber. Anyway heres my first impressions

Lucky, she has a discount and got her for only 28$

First time opening the box, was the smell of 2 months old paint^^;

Love Alter Sabers face compared to regular and lily, Its scary yet somewhat gentle

And the Head piece/Visor.

Spiky feet is nice and evil

Meh I like her better with the Visor

Man this pose was annoying to do, I hate the revoltech stand for this.

Either this was a bonus or it was really included. Both swords are equally nice.

Some fight scenes is needed for some reason...

Saber challenges OO, OO doesnt get it unfortunately

OO: O shi~!!

Damn you, OO raiser mode!!

Fails a 2nd time



OO Sashimi...

Alter Sabers my fave out of the Saber bunch,If you want Lily I recomend Lightning Saber


Snark said...

To be completely honest, I'm not too big a fan of the revoltech Saber, I much rather her figma counterpart.

That said however, Saber vs Gundam is awesome.

GunStray said...

@Snark: Not a fan either,but Alter Saber was just epic & evil compared to her other counter counterparts.

Z said...

Alter saber's face is gentle? o_o This figure really scared me the first time I saw it. The visor adds to the effect xD. 00 Sashimi... wonder if it is good for you...

Q said...

Corrupted protagonists always look badass XD

I think this is one of the very early Revoltechs, which was quite alright before figma came out. And lol 00 Raiser got owned effortlessly...

GunStray said...

>>Z: I must have bad taste on looks^^;

>>Q: Usually true^^