Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Waisting" 00 Gundam

Heheh, bought the damn 00 Gundam, since its my B-day^^, means I have an excuse to do some impulse buying. I figured this project has been long overdue, and I gotta practice my "Gunplaing" skills for a certain plamo.

Still no luck on those batteries^^;

Curse Bandai for giving you this body

A Poor Otaku's plamo guide: "waistin"

Embarrasing ^^;

I used the pseudo sprue cutter to cut the thing half

Those red side armor will come in handy for covering up the cuts later on

sorry for the blur

If you have any left over 1/100 PC parts I suggest use D as it fits a sprue pole

Im gonna let this dry/harden overnight End of part one^^


AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

haha. Happy B-day =D

GunStray said...

Thanks! =3

Snark said...

Having barely the faintest of ideas on how to build models, most that post was lost to me. Nonetheless, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

haha, "waisted" a kit, eh?

Got a red Sharpie? You can use that to colour the inside of the red head gem. I tried it myself, and the result was quite nice.

GunStray said...

@Snark: Thanks as well ^^

@Shion:Lolz my local store ran out of gundam markers^^;

Persocom said...

happy birthday a bit late ^^

GunStray said...

@Persocom: Thanks^^

Q said...

Haha 1/144 00 Gundam making fun of his larger counterpart XD

Happy big belated birthday!

GunStray said...

>> Q; thanks^^