Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FUWKEN POETRY!!! Need help!

I dont hate Shakesphere really, and I dont fuwken hate poetry,that much...

Im asking, why do I need to learn poetry, seriously I dont see the reason why,since I have no need for it in the futurre. It should be just a seperate subject like art, which it is, and not a part of English or atleast just a few of it. unless there is one.
Im pissed off now, is because I have to write a fuwken sonnet. What's a sonnet, Its a poem that consist of 14 lines with 10 sylables each and muct be in ordered rhythm, abba abba cdcd gg(I dont think thats even correct) and must have a volta i.e toneshift(ex. Negative to possitive). I cant think of writing anything, and this things due this Fri...Hopefully those who I ask are out of HS or atleast knowledgable when it comes to this stuff and I wont plagiarise I just need a theme or an inspiration.

Damn all I know is free verse and half assed to

"The slot machine"

Hey, Hey, Hey
Stranger, buddy,pal, friend,
Come on here, what'd you want
Want happiness, want freedom,
want money, you say money
Im quick money,
Just cash and luck
and pull that lever
Like a madman
Lost you say
Dont worry Pal
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Still lost, have faith
I have chances as you have cashes
With more and more cash
and luck, I guarantee
Quick-ass riches
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull
Just cash and pull


Anonymous said...

Hoho... Looks like HeavyArms is releasing some steam on a pencil.

BTW, is you're HeavyArms missing some parts of its skirt armour?

Anonymous said...

Final Attack Ride... Bbbbaakaro Kikkuuu :D

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

hahaha I know how you feel... I, too hate poetry :S

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Awesome killer move! What a poetry on slot machine and so when izzit going to hit the jackpot? Ha! Ha!

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

lolz i know cash is important for big spenders like us in hobbies... xD

Philosopher's Mess said...

The value of a thing is not what it does for us, but what it does to us.

I would suggest you write a sonnet about your hate for sonnets.

Anonymous said...

I feel that it'd be a tad more epic if Heavyarms yelled "ONOOOOOREEEEEEEE~"

GunStray said...

>> BD77: Heheh, I would be that Heavyarms(in a mascot kind of way), you were speaking off, and nope the skirt bits are just removed to allow flexibility.

>> Divinelight: My New Finisher^^;;

>> Astray: Im not feeling so alone anymore ^^

>> Dennis: Eventually, as long as the money run out^^;

>> Exkurogane: Hahah indeed, but make sure to never use the slot machine.

>> Philosopher's Mess: ...Tha, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thanks for the sugesstion ^^

>> Zrogunota: NAAAAAAANIIII!?!? Why didnt I...

Anonymous said...

I used to write free-form poems back in the day, but now I can't think of anything except gunpla.

GunStray said...

>> Shion: In the creative world, you need to balance both literature, music and Arts. Gunpla is art after all^^