Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Custom Figma: Subaru Nakajima

With the announcement of Acsta Subaru...Im not sure if a majority of people are happy about this, the pricing is set way too high for a poseable figure.

Anyway I found someone who has actually done a custom figma of Subaru^^

Heres the link for moar images

Anyone brave enough, skilled enough to do this. Is the Archetypes even sold, online?

Meh I dont have anything against GSC, but I changed my Me vs Bandai


Snark said...

Fucked up face aside, custom Subaru is massive tits!

Persocom said...

I agree, the face is the only flaw in this, I'd love to see a real Figma instead of the Actsta thing. What were they thinking!? Releasing every other character but Subaru and Teana as Figmas (so far) and then making something completely offscale and overpriced? I was excited when I first saw pictures until I Realiszed it's not really a Figma. This custom is a damn good work.

Q said...

This figma Subaru is very well made! Sure the face is a bit off but faces are not easy to do in order to look right, but the clothes and gears are well done! Kudos to the maker for that!

Hiroshi said...

I would get it (^_^) Have always been a sucker for short hair girl.

Anonymous said...

Megane or GTHO.

GunStray said...

>>Snark: Indeed ^^

>>Persocom: Since Subaru is famous to both Mahou and SR(hence GGG tan) fan would be litteraly wiping the shelves packload of Figma Subaru.

>>Q: Kudos to the maker as well

>>Hiroshi: Hehe, we both like short hairs then


Anonymous said...

It seems I have a problem when I scroll down the keeps on giving me errors.
But yeah...dang...GSC is winning T_T

GunStray said...

>> Robostrike: Hmm Ill have to fix the blog, thanks for the complaint^^

Dun worry GSC is a good guy...for now

Antonio said...

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Lotus said...

Who made this? I would really love to commission something from this person if it's possible.

My email is