Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picks of Spring Batch 09

It may be a little a late to post this now, but It could help me out on my backlogs(which I have tons of).Anyway Im gonna keep my opinions as short as possible^^(sorry for the long post)

Arad Senki Slap Up Party-Gonzo did it again, another RPG anime. Liked the character designs, especially priest.

Asura Cryin- A boy haunted by his childhoods friend ghost, a destroyed world, and dimension traveling, ghost controlled mecha. A bizzare mix, but I really like the idea.

Sengoku basara- Love the damn OP! Especially how BAd@SS the first ep was. "Put ya guns on!" I love that line.I notice how its not as gory as I expected, being a hack and slash anime.

Basquash!-Basketball+Mecha+Nike= EPIC STUFF. Love Bigfoot actions, though story seems quite good as well, defenitely watching this

Dragonball Kai-Its based on the original manga, which should be about 23 yrs old. Then again I like the series, its just bloody slow.

Eden of the East-reminds me of 24,why terrorist attacks, great plot. Very nice op and ed btw.

FMA -Brotherhood-This time its based on the manga. I havent read the manga yet, so this is bad. Funnily the voice actors from 00 voice some of the characters

Hatsukoi Limited- Moe chars, ecchi, pantsu. Im not suprised cause this was from the creators odf Ichigo 100%

K-on!-Do I need to say more^^.

Tayutama -standard romance/comedy/harem fare with a monster-of-the-week element thrown in. Im in mainly for the neko

Ristorante Paradiso-Not much cooking anime.

Saki-funny how a human has superhuman luck. Watching this mostly for the characters, since I have no idea how mahjong is played, hopefully I learn a thing or two.

Valkyria chronicles-Based on the game for the PS3.I havent played it yet, but I have seen it in action, quite fun and it has a great story. Funny how I thought tanks wouldnt be overpowering,but Edelweiss is just overpowered

So what happened to queens blade? I dropped it, meh I'd rather watch regular ero,seriously STAY AWAY FROM IT!!


Anonymous said...

Theres a new dragonball?

Anonymous said...

Asura cryin and basquash, seems to be my only replacement for gundam right now

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@Anon1: yup, this one focuses on the original manga, same as FMA -brotherhood
@Anon2: Still missing gundam huh?