Friday, July 10, 2009

Kyrios fixation

Damn I hate bandai, whats worse this happened twice, first my old kyrios then my newer one.

Thats 00 hip joints, you can call me a bastard for wrecking a perfectly fine 00, though I already have 3 of them

Yay its easier to transform now. I was supposed to base this on the HCM-pro and the 1/100.


Lightning Sabre said...

Ouch! Oh man, now I need to be careful too when I build any 00 GunPla, specifically Kyrios >_< Thanks for the warning.

G.G. said...

This is a kit I've consider getting for the longest time. So is cool that I can see your progress. Do you paint your gunplas?

GunStray said...

>> Lightining:Yes be VERY GENTLE
>> G.G.: Im still learning how to paint^^