Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Gundam, underneath the secrets

Behold the Gundam, such beauty and marvel standing proud upon us. Underneath lies the very secrets a toymaker and studio holds

Concealed upon its... Joints(?) lies something that will shake your souls.

Theres a BLOODY F__KING TIMER! For what you may ask, it will count the time for when an alien race will invade our tiny little planet. If it hits 0 there will be an invasion force right in our f_cking door step

I suspect that drugs were inserted in those BBQ

I suspect that cookies also have enhancement drugs...COOKIES!!

Yoshiyuki Tomino-sensei, Toru Furuya, and GACKT. they have plans...

That light show is more than just attraction. It blinds the aliens so they cant spy on the human weapon. Note: the aliens are blind to light.

On a sidenote, theres another Giant robot being built somewhere. It will be used as a decoy incase the aliens strike earlier than suspected. Somewhere underground, I know Bandai ismore than just a toy maker. there secretly building an army of MS to fight off the incoming doom.

Images taken from unsuspecting Ngee

Note:I may be drunk


Anonymous said...


It is as is said in the prophecies!!

GunStray said...

Yes the freaking prophecies...PUT YOUR GUNZ ON!!!

Snark said...

Fools! The gundams are but a decoy! Deep under the forgotten caves and caverns of the earth, they are constructing a working, scale model of the mighty Gunbuster!

GunStray said...

>>Snark: Im a fool to think that a mere statue would be our saviour, hence it is but a beautiful timer counting down our very doom.

And yes Gunbuster will save our asses

Jern said...

But what if the aliens are 20-feet tall? Like in Macross?

We're screwed.

GunStray said...

>>Jern: Easy we send out the Grapearl as a first line of offence/defence army

B-Mecha said...

then the main forces will be humans that hold a hand drill with their right hand (or left hand). Who needs mecha?! Who need pop song to brainwash alien?! We NEED SPIRAL POWAR!!! WE WILL GIGA-DRILL-BREAK THE ALIENS!!!

Jern said...

Note to self: Must find large auger and strap to arm. DRILL POWER will save us, if nothing else.

Also, I'm a little confused, is the timer in the elbow or the knee, or a different joint altogether?

Anonymous said...

It seems I made a mistake in reading the prophecy, the glyph for elbow is wrongly read, it's supposed to be ankle. So, ankle timer.

Also, what kind of alien race is stupid enough to come to earth now, what with H1N1 and all.

GunStray said...

>>B-mecha: Yes humanity and limitless spiralpower the humans wehold, we shall crush them!!

>>Jern: Its in the knee

>>Shion: Meh once the timer hits zero earth is probably clean with all sickness.