Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nice Guitah!

K-on! "A show so meaningless I have no idea why I approved it in the first place"

OOOkay the first time upon watching the PV, I though this is gonna be the best series of last seas...(I have forgotten which season). I take some of it back. Hence its enjoyable, but it was pretty hard watching it in one go. Most of the times random s#it happen which kills me off. I wont go any further as many people has said enough of this moe blob.
Just for the fun of it, one of my heroes has written a much understandable yet hateful observance of this show

"Sorry for being such an ass"


Anonymous said...

wow... that's actually quite interesting... I have been downloading the series due to hype, but haven't watched much. I've only seen the first episode, and it seems... amusing. Kinda starts off like Manabi Straight.

I guess some people can't get enough of that moe, while some people are getting sick of it. I guess the only way to judge is to see for myself. :)

GunStray said...

>>RadiantDreamer: Haha I have the same reaction, Its actually pretty good to the point where Sawako becomes a real chara. Then most of the stuff relied heavily on the moe factor

Snark said...

Baka-Raptor speaks the truth.