Monday, July 6, 2009

Its supposed to be blue, BLUE!!!

Umm, wtf, Why is it still yellow? Isnt eva 00 supposed to blue after the Ramiel battle. Since I haven't seen "Rebuild of Evangelion 1 and 2, I dont know whether the Ramiel scene is done, and if so, why the f*ck is it still yellow?!

"Oh such beauty wasted"

I will miss the blue(kai) eva 00. It was the only mech I liked in the series, and It was pretty much rayped numerous times(not sure anymore). Also, the color matches with Rei's hair, its pretty much perfect. Its too bad I was late with the whole revoltech series and never got a chance to got a glimpse of that blue beauty T^T. Now I hope it gets a Rebuild release. If not Im gonna kick Anno in the balls, and might as well kick the revoltechs(creators) asses for my satisfaction.

Side blurb:BTW where do you find QB revoltechs?


Snark said...

The fuck? Eva-00 is still yellow?

Stupid piece of shit >_>

GunStray said...

>> Snark: Agrees, hey you already have the yellow gal though

B-Mecha said...

i dont mind getting both yellow and blue for the eva 2.0 version. they should become one of my revoltech collections :D (cos i din buy the old ones)

revoltech eva 2.0 (01, 02, 03, 05) just released last month. the joints are great! now looking for eva 00 yellow version (eva 2.0)

Lightning Sabre said...

Ah really?? I really do prefer the blue than the yellow even though I used the yellow on my colouring earlier.

GunStray said...

>> B-mecha: So your finding the Yamaguchi ver?

>>Lighting: Lol what happened toit?

Lightning Sabre said...

I was trying to remember what I was talking about here... but it was the Rei swimsuit colour in that yuri fanart with Saber XD I used yellow instead of a blue swimsuit for Rei ^^;