Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pierce the blue flames!

Selvaria X3 "Her drill is the drill that will pierce the__________!"

Though the past few episodes were great and all, there are some things that I changes I didnt like, Such as Selvaria's design, she was much better in the game. Also Edelweiss is too overpowered(I want a battle of the tanks).



Snark said...

Is that a drill sword?

Uh yeah...excuse me while I violently masturbate.

Willie said... mean this cartoon is from a game? Looks cool to me.

GunStray said...

>> Snark its a lance/sword/drill/LAZER CANNON(or some shyt)

>>Willie: Yup its from a ps3 game, its cool because you have big racked Woman ,with a hot blood(literally, and carries a bad@ss looking drill/lance/word/gun thing.