Thursday, July 2, 2009

Waisting 00 P End?

"Spine breaking"

Yah know, I wished this image above was the end result of "waisting" 00. I really do T^T

Thank god I saved up my spruece, This is also a good way of recycling things.

So heres the connector between, the waist and the lower torso, all prep'd up and ready for installation.(crap forgot to take measurements!)

Waist without sidearmor, free movement,forwards and backwards

Its too bad with the sidearmors on, it can only do a 360

00 should be happy now...


I rather not get involved ^^;

The Trio doing...Um wth?

Anyay the past updates

Despite wasting a whole month just performing this conversion, you can actually finish this convertion in 2-3 days most, If your not lazy like me^^;

Naw to find those rare cr 1220... I might also buy Cherudim, I want to make a fully movable waist and its torso seems to be nicer shape.


AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

great job you've done there ^^
i done have enough confidence to mod mine lol... not at the moment, at least...xP

Evaritus Lau said...

Em, I thought the waist need to cut into 2 movable parts in order to make all movable ? 'coz I see that bro just cut the upper waist out from the whole chunk of waist part.

But yeah, nice work out there !

Anonymous said...

I thought OO's waist is already articulated, haha I must be getting old :D

If you shift the joint a little bit up, I think you can achieve what you want. Gundam armors sure block the movement.