Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Backlog... (Its a Filler)

I suck, 1 month of FR33-"DOM", Ive only finished 5 out of the (countless) Shows I have to watch. Then again theres nothing moar than the simple "blow you problems with a bang...I DOESENT WORK!!, Whats worse, those very 5 I have watched, Have blown a hole in my head, I have to fill with up with some anger...

Oh yeah this is filler dun read this, Instead enjoy 10 mins of Dates famous engrish line

F-ck my backlog.
-Shakugan no shana(My cus will kick my ass if I still havent watch this)
-Sengoku Basara( Fan of the Gary plz dun kill me)
-Nanoha A and S
-Basquash: Beats the s#it out of slam dunk in every way
-Sora no Manimani
-Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
-Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I dun have to watch endless 8 cause you guys have watched it Heheh Suckers)
-Canaan & Fate/stay night(Both Type-moon)
-Chrome shelled regios
-Code geass
-Spice and wolf( There a close link between Code geass)
-GL series(I miss it)and Guren Lagann movie 1(dun know full name)
-NEEDLESS: GL refernces and ED(Abandon hope all ye who enters)
-Ragnarok, the animation(the only anime I'll be watching in Phil Dubs)
-Macross Marathon(all series and movie, CANT WAIT FOR MACROSS F MOVIE!!)
-Naruto( you know I wouldnt watch this series without reason, so wth my reason, I want to fill myself rage)
-Bleach: Too much filler s#it as well, atlest theres some better stuff bout this show.
-Ikki tousen( I will get stabbed by a halberd)
-All Harem
* Asu no Yoichi (GAWD)
* Da Capo
* Futakoi
* Ichigo 100%
* Kage Kara Mamoru
* Love Hina
* Negima (S#it)
* Shuffle (KAEDE!!)
* Tenchi Muyo (meh)
* To Love-Ru (not bad)
-IDeon("The perfect end for the perfect @$$hole" from kamiyadori, Tomino has plans)
-Voltes 5 movie(I MISS my child hood hero)
-Slap up party arad senki( Why Gunners are an awesome class)
-Elemental Gelade
-Element Hunters( I want those kids get beaten up by potassium)
-Gundam X and turn A
-Zentrix( Dear gawd WUT)
-Burst angel(awesome mecha is awesome)
-Kino's Journey(Theres a talking motorcycle,my view on my bike have changed)
-Mazinger Z hen(I want Baron Ashura as my servant)
-Shin getter robo
-Gene Shaft
-FMPand FMP second raid
-Eureka seven
-Hayate no gotku
-Seto no Hanayome( TERMINATOR! )
-K-on OVA: Theres an OVA?
-Umi Monogatari
-Zan Sayanora Zetsuabau Sensei
-Fight Ippatsu
-QB:I still have fears of GIANT EYES

Animes you should concern about:
-Asura cryin is the worst anime ive seen yet, It has a nice combination of mecha ghost and monster, but to many stuff has been unresolved
-Linebarrels of Iron, Not bad, but not to good either. Watch this if you crave CG mechas and tentacles raep
-Coyote Rag show:I dropped it

Ressecions OVER, is it...Meh, but I fear that harmonized tax thing, no moar GST or PST but that means all non food items are all 12%. Should I fear this or is this agood thing,Im not good at math, so if you can, I give you 20+ Brownie points, Army of Mewtwos(heheheheh) and the GS security protection(where BFGsolves anything)


Anonymous said...

You has not watch Moyashimon, you has die!!!

GunStray said...

>> Shion: !!! Crap,Ill save my soul !!

Snark said...

God Asura Cryin was horrible >_<



Willie said...


GunStray said...

>> Snark: 10 mins well spent eh^^

>> Willie: I find my fails amusing as well

Anonymous said...

You don't want to know the size of mine :P

It's also because adding is easy. And because I usually don't remove things, because what I watch is something I decide to watch on a whim and didn't yet have time to add to the list.

Over the last couple of months I've watched Mai-HiMe, Zero no Tsukaima (all three seasons), Onegai Teacher!, 7 episodes or so of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, 10 episodes of Tenjho Tenge, Gintama 1-10, and some other things here and there, heh.

Then again, I should watch the classics I've had, within reach, for like YEARS, or maybe I've only watched 1-2 episodes, including stuff like Mushishi, Planetes, all of Ghost in the Shell: SAC...
I'm bad :P

Glo the Legend said...

Okay, first and formost, watch Mai Hime and anything with Rie Kugimiya in it. Your welcome.