Monday, July 12, 2010

Revoltech Date Masamune

Might as well get this guy seeing as SOA near walmart is moving to richmond, argh! Guildford not the best place to be in huh?^^ Anyway I rejoiced,got the guy I was waitin for and missed, not once, but 4 times in a row^^;;;

"The One-eyed @$$#ole, I mean The One-eyed Dragon"

"That paper is blocking my awesome profile shot!"

"Its still blocking my, ah f**k it"

*Box Content*

Date comes loaded with swords swords and more swords, and a coin of no such service

He also comes with the new container Box to put extra parts in, minus the swords.The Stand, also comes with a new extender piece.

He comes with two (rayp) face, and its pain to switch this face, since you have to pull off the head then the neck, which aint very easy to do.

*In the flesh, or plastic, the figure itself*

Believe me, posing the arms crossed is harder than you think.

That insignia, symbolic or gibberish, either way its cool

"All your Base belongs to me!"

Despite having the regular base he comes with the effect base, also colored in blue

All the swords he has, yet none he can carry simultaneously

"Eat your heart out 00"

I can't remember Date doing a combined sword in the anime, might be the game.

The regular single sword, not so shiny nor long, but its the size of the guys ego handling it that counts

*Date's Sword comparison*

To be fair 00's GN sword II was a gun spatula

Where's Daizengar when you need him?

Wow I have a lot samurai swords, ironic since this is coming from a gun lover

*Hand accessories*


The grip hands swivel up and down compared to the other hands that swivels sideways btw extra care is needed in handling, dur. Precaution as don't insert the sword in his hands while its still attached to the arms, better off pulling the hands first then insert it then push it back. Man was that a mouthful^^;

Date's Sheaths can only hold handles unfortunately, but hey its nicely detailed! The sheaths also use double revoltech joints for more pose-ability, bet you though it was stuck on his hips or his belt eh?

That neck is not only awkward but that awkward piece extending behind his collar hurts the ego/awesome factor of the back.

"Kabuto, no not the kamen rider the helmet!"

Nice touch giving the end piece swivel joints

His "Kabuto" has a freaking Gold Plated Crest, not sharp enough to poke someones eye, nor can blind eyes, but it has a good feel in it.

Date incorporates older style revoltech legs, down in time the swivel pelvis was an adoration, but now it is a detested form of articulation. Yes until now I despise such pelvis. The thigh can only move forward, but the leg has the newer double jointed revojoints allowing it some more bend, the feet needs to be slightly angled at the slide to move upward.

*Action poses/swinging a flashy knife*

Insert victim # 1

A message to all who copied and f**ked his character motif

"I cant believe you stooped this low to resort to stock footage"

"Eat your heart out Freddy kruger"

"Eat your heart out Wolverine"

"Striding Kick!!!"

Cant say much but that height of his is highly unforgiving, his still taller chest wise, just not his puny head, but its all for accuracy, yes.


Authors note:
* God It was a pain posing Alter, her waist joint keeps loosing off, therefore I just had to kill her off.
* Reading Gantz, and got the idea of what would Alter look like disemembered
* Plz dont kill me Saber fans T_T
* This shots are crappy
* This review is too long, and its getting longer with all this crap Im spouting

"I need a third victim"


Ironically for a guy whose first line involved guns, he sure doesnt have a speck of gunpowder on him, unless you count the bullet that went through him. Anyway Deffinitely an insanely good figure to have minus the crappyness of the faces, but makes up for great details, yeah I forgot the chainmail. You can pull off a whole lot of action with this guy, and now I loosen up to those dreaded swivel joints. Sadly No such Harley Davidson horse has been planned with this guy, guess we have to settle with "My little Pony then eh?


chrismandesign said...

this must b the looooooooooooooooooooongest review made for any figure i remember... but it worths while (even with those guts flying & springing all around)... i’ve never seen this figure and/or character before, so is good to begin this way... excellent figure i must say, with lot of detail everywhere... oh, has he any sword by chance ??? LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG~! You got yourself Date~!

All in all, he is EPIC, right down to his gold-plated crest.

Date - 2; Graham + Dark Saber - 0/0

ps. the EX-mode Zankantou (non-scale) is at 25-ish cm the length.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, Date Masamune reminds me a lot of Gundam00+Raiser... ^_^ badass, super strength and massive amounts of swords! Too bad there isn't an Azai Nagamasa figure or I'd totally get one T_T
Oh yeah.., where's his horse with muzzles as foot stand?

mangyver5223 said...

Its an artificial wolverine XD

GunStray said...

>> Chrismandesign: Missed 4 times, geuss it counts as over compensation eh^^

>> BD77: 25 cm...Thats still big, no Granblade is no where near that long.

GunStray said...

>> Robostrike: Hey you never know, Azai Might get coupled with Oda when revoltech releases there there newer SB figs

>> Mangyver: But Date existed first, sengoku period, the days when fujoshis dont exist^^;

Aya said...

Nice review,It's been a while since my last revoltech,so Do you have sanada also ?

B-Mecha said...

its the single eye dragon! :D his engrish is very entertaining in the sengoku basara series.

omg saber is chopped into pieces XD. RIP, we will miss you

GunStray said...

>> Aya: Thanks, and I passed on sanada, either way the store I bought this guy from was sold out of him.

>> B-mecha:Forgot the ingreash, oh well^^ Hahah, Dun worry, Saber will be back^^

chubbybots said...

Very worthy opponents your Date has killed off for this review ^^

Man looks insanely fun when you did many crazy poses!

Tsukinari said...

nice get!.. havent watch the anime.. and that clip somewhat is funny lolol

nice long review XD... and he pwns Saber Alter and Susanowo!! O_o

GunStray said...

>> Chubbybots: Hahah, Im poisoning with poses now eh?>=]

>> Tsukinari: Well S2 is coming out, so you might as well start it^^

Lightning Sabre said...

Uh are those swimming fins? The three sword sheaths make him look like he could fight underwater XD

I see Revoltech still haven't evolved the way they change the head/face. One of the most painful thing I did for a while. Starting to hate Revoltechs >_<

GunStray said...

>> LS: LOL, they look like feet webbings from birds though(birds->dino->Dragon?)

Persocom said...

Looks pretty bad-ass, you did some great dismemberment shots XD At least they cover the joints pretty decently. Another anime I haven't seen yet but perhaps I'll give it a watch one of these days.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Super great buy and review. This figure so rare to find and the stock practically got wiped out soon after released. I still looking for mine.

GunStray said...

>> Persocom: Yay, I finnaly pulled off a Gantz with a crappy 5 MP Camera, Thanks. S2 is out and the S1 anime is short so you could catch up easily.

>> Dennis: HLJ still has them, right now his like 20-40% off, clearance sale. But I gont mine in retail for 10 % off.

hiroy_raind said...

Nice review, and nice camera shots there! :)

and we'll be waiting for more awesome Engrish talk on the 2nd season! XD