Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monster hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village

Release August 26, 2010(Jap) No confirmed release date(US)

This is the game related, related to the animation "MonHan Diary: Giri-Giri Felyne Village", from the summer anime catalog. Not much, except, THIS IS PROBABLY THE CUTEST GAME YET FOR THE PSP!!! Animal crossing anyone?^^

Screen shots


Aya said...


SO true :)

DivineLight said...

lol PSP game?
this more likely NDS for me ^^

and that's more strange that this comes from Monster Hunter

GunStray said...

>> Aya: Gladsome one agrees

>> Divinelight: From Blood gushing decapitating violence, to kid friendly adoration^^;

chrismandesign said...

am i in the right blog ??? cuteness !!!??? where r the blood & the guts here ??? why the tires r rounded & not squared ??? i love cats & i hate cute games... O___X

Anonymous said...

Am I seeing things or... *splashes eyes with Dettol antiseptic*

No I'm not, wait... my eyeEEEEYAAAAARG~!


Persocom said...

LOL never expected to see something like this here XD It really does have an Animal Crossing look to it. I don't really know anything about Monster Hunter but this isn't what I expected. It is cute. I think my son would get a kick out of it.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Cute nice game suitable for all ages. I hard have time for console game now. Sigh....

GunStray said...

>> Chirsmandesign: Yes sarge in the right blog. LOL!

>> BD77: MWUHAHAHAHAH!! Go show this Yui^^

>> Persocom: Monhun, is basicly mindless addictive tail decapitating and poaching random animals bigger than a car^^ But yeah its cute.

>> Dennis: Oh well not much good stuff comin

Anonymous said...

ahahah, CUTE!
I remember seeing the soft toys of the pigs, so they are from monster hunter series, I never knew >.<

hiroy_raind said...

You know, I once complained that the Monster Hunter series are kinda repetitive and need something new (I still enjoyed it though).

but this is... O_o

GunStray said...

>> Heathorn: Pigs name is Poogie, Hahah^^

>> Hiroy: Unexpected, This is actually a dream come true for me.