Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MG (clear part campaign) Freedom Gundam

How long has this MG in Hiatus, Dunno, but I almost gave up/forgotten that I did buy a MG, LOL?

"Model Itself"

"Body view"

First of all, freedom is Back Heavy, or maybe cause my Freedoms ankle joints are loose, you have to position the wings in some right position to get it to atleast stand, but you will get an awkward standing pose just like the image above.

It does come with a stand and yeah it plugs throught its crotch like today's HG 1/144,but it also comes with a holder to store the crotch plug in.

Freedom also doesnt have the newer stomach articulation, thought it does have a balljointed waist, but the problem with it, is its too weak to support freedoms torso due to its back heavy wings, therfore the torso sags backs a lot.

"I asked for full fingers not two and half mittens"

yeah Hands, not what I expected

The gun holder its not as tight as it should be there fore applied some glue to tighten it up.

Accessories p1 Beam rifle

Since most of Freedoms weapons are built in, it doesnt have to worry having its hands full of weapons, unlike this dude^^

The Beam rifle ,MA-M20 "Lupus" high-energy beam rifle, I took the time to just paint the blue strip on the gun, not that good, "but its the joy of painting that counts" Oh and colored the targeting scope gold, green doesn't look very right.


I was either at the mercy of the Decal gods or It may have been that yellow hobby tape I just bought, Dunno but they turned rather well^^


Arms can move pretty high up

Arms can also bend at two points at the elbow

Freedom has limited pelvis articulation due to ball joints, but then again even it was using todays MG style pelvis, those huge side skirts would get in the way

Freedoms leg can bend far and so could the feet

Though at first those thight joints are very stiff at first, so it could be a pain to move them around for a while.

Freedoms torso could only turn that much due to the front and back skirt

Accessories p2 "Shield"

At first I though the shield was going to have a sliding handle, kinda dissapointing. The sheild also comes with a rifle stand/hole thing and can switch to either right or left side of the shield...NOW WHAT KIND OF GIMMICK IS THAT?!?! ID RATHER HAVE THE SLIDING MECHANISM HANDLE!!!!

Wings, Freedoms Oh so Blue, and oh so Beautiful wings, and its also a night mare for those suffering symmetrical syndrome^^;

Since Freedoms hands doesn't have a grip on them the gun is pretty much "hanging on his hands, and the design of the rigger hold doesn't it match with freedom's hands, it the trigger doesn't even reach the trigger finger, way to go Bandai!

Action poses 1

Accessories p3 Beam sabers

MA-M01 "Lacerta" beam sabers can combine in to a double beam saber, ooh very Star wars dont you think, and now Red face is gonna sue >=]

The plug parts for the arms, are pretty loose and I wont even suggest having that piece just dangling on the secondary peg, it could come off loose,so your better off having this stored else ware

Action poses 2


"I shall strike you down...Because Gawd told me to"

"Thy Master has betray me, I thus strike my revenge to the heavens"

Seriously, am I the only who though about this?

Fear my Chopsticks of DOOM!!!

Mobile Sashimi anyone? My treat

"Shishio Blade!!!" And yeah Freedom could do a kneeling pose, for less than a second until those wings sags him down

"Fear my twin phali- AH the joke is dead!

Freedom comes with two hip mounted MMI-M15 "Xiphias" rail cannons its also the Beams saber holders. Though a little too long, I personally thinks its reasonable, I mean-oh wait I dont even know it this thing really is called a railgun, cause railguns are supposed to be High velocity projectile launchin typed weaponry, but it fires Beams!?!?

Hello Bandai, I know its a little too late, but WHAT THE F**K IS WITH YOU AND STUPID GIMMICKS!!

Oh look Fireworks, Oh no DANMAKU/BEAM SPAM

"Damn it Photoshop My beams!!"

Nice little Gimmick here, the M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannons, have swiveling joints so it can move side to side.

Personally I didn't have as much problem with V fins when it came to the twin cannons, its actually pretty sturdy

"More Beam Spam!!"

Can you spot that tiny hairline crack, I hand an accident involving having to clean the nubs on that part, and I accidentally snapped it.

(Mirrored)More Beam Spam!!!!

"I shall now mock my lesser HG form, HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!"

Pilot seating

Freedom: Silence Kira, I KILL YOU!!!, I squish you like a Bug!!!

Clear parts

Just to mention I also had an accident with this leg when it came to gluing, so the leg armor ther is completely stuck in there.

Honestly I Like the clear parts Idea, but Freedom doesnt have, drop dead gorgeuous mechanical details in it to show-off

"Thus I shall become Hollow Man, but for now I shall be called, Hollow Leg"

-----------------Waist EDIT----------------Special Thanks to EXkurogane

This is how the torso is positioned due to the weight if the wings, its sags way to far.

This is the torso with the the tab on the rear skirt on, as you can see, the waist is slightly tilted.

This is Tab on the skirt looks like, yeah I think most people would pay no attention to this Tab at first, since the instruction or images on the box doesnt show this gimmick(great job bandai).


Oh and something special for BD77

Hahah Special thanks to BD77 for the Photoshopped Beams


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Maybe the hands ain't to your liking but the decals works well bro. Partial clear part is cool too!

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Yeah Maybe, but it still sucks, and thanks on the decals^^

Anonymous said...

Oho. Nice critical review of MG Freedom there. =)

Marisa: Like to, ze. Buuut... You're too slow. Watch at the 1.04 minute of the clip, ze:

Aya said...

*LOL* Chopsticks of DOOM!!!
hahah nice review finally saw someone buy MG freedom instead of Strike freedom.

GunStray said...

>> BD77: Thanks and Freedoms not very happy about his timing^^

>> Aya: There are other ppl who did review Freedom first, Dalong I'd probably suggest.

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Love the decals. Seems that you slapped on more than i did (i was lazy). Did you know that the top section of the rear skirt armor has a peg in the interior? Push it in and it blocks the waist from sagging backwards and hence your Freedom won't topple backwards. Mine can stand without the base stand without problems after i discovered that peg.

chrismandesign said...

hey man, even with all those problems u mentioned, this guy looks pretty fine for me & those decals givs him an extra taste... the clear parts, well, as u said, they r great when there is a complex inner frame to show... otherwise, they look a bit weird...

GunStray said...

>> EXkurogane: Fiddles with freedom, Oh yeah, Thanks for the correction, have to update this review later, Thanks again^^ But yeah Mine is till a bit floppy

>> Chrismandesign: Ha Thanks, and yeah Bandai fails at marketing clear products.

Anonymous said...

Marisa had "persuaded" me to do this:

Actually, I couldn't resist seeing a picture that is in need of a "special" treatment.

Enjoy, ze.

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

Oh noes~! Not the Legendary Chopsticks of doom?!! xD

btw nice decaling. till now, I have never actually fully decal-ed a kit b4 =/

DivineLight said...

I like the beam spamming pose.
the real deal for Freedom.

Anonymous said...

LoL~ I shall mock my HG form! XD Nice pictures of the cool poses! Wanted to get one though but aiming for Exia.

GunStray said...

Astray: Thanks. ever Checked Z gunpla reviews, that guy drowns his Gunpla's in Decals.

Divinlight: *Plays "Meteor OST"*

FreedomWen: Hey its your money your choice^^

B-Mecha said...

Thats a very long review :D

Chopstick of doom is scary, since I always use them for my meal lol.

GunStray said...

>> B-mecha: LOL whu? Anyway Thanks^^

Lightning Sabre said...

Haw you had lots of fun with this guy. And BD77's photoshopped beams look awesome!! It's like some kind of beam bukkake!

I think I'm done with Gundam Seed. I got what I want from those, lol. I've still got lots of Gundam 00 kits I gotta build.

GunStray said...

>> LS: Beam Bukkake,Yessss>=]