Monday, April 19, 2010

Composite VER KA: Gurren(EPIC F*****KING) Lagann

I came and I... I...*seizures*...

...HOLY FUWKEN DAMN this is the going beyond the original plain BADASSERY Gurren Lagann used to be, His got fuwking Tattoo DECALS, right now, Im happy I havent waisted money on kaiyados GL or Kotobukiya's s#itty ass plastic, This is so going to be my first preorder(anyone can help me here, I has no credit card, and I just quit my old part time so no good source of incom in the mean time, but I do have 80 bucks saved so far, so if you have any experiesnce plz help, thank ya)

Its a July release btw, I think I could nab a new job by June, hopefully

Drill, * "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" * *chorus*

damn Ive been posting too uch filler,you can blame the PC why I havent been able to put up my gunpla and MG freedom WIP post.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Very detail and expensive looking. Hee! Hee!

chrismandesign said...

OM this Gurren Lagan is gorgeous !!! & i barely notice that "KA" a.k.a. Katoti Hajime could to this reformation in this kind of toys... doubly amazing !!!... anyway, i’m a blasfemous, cuz i do love Koto model kits =PPPP

Statwiz said...

80 bucks is enough for PO this(+shipping) ^_^ just be careful full with *ahem*custom*ahem*

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Yeeeeeeesssssss!

>> Chrismandesign: Meh Koto kits are pretty far ranging, and yeah I was scared Katoki would add the dreaded caution decals here^^;;

>> Statwiz: I have it in cash , canadian dollar , how does it work?

Hendra said...

This is one elite action figure :D:D:D

btw could we do link exchange? please add my blog and i'll add yours too :D

G.G. said...

Man... these ver. ka version of Guren Lagann & also the Lancelot are going to empty my pocket for sure.

I better build some more models to see if I can generate some pocket money. =(

By the way, I have fallen prey to BB Gundam. I will work on my first one soon.