Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Muv Luv alternative Figma Meiyu Mitsurugi

First Figma review, and its not even mine, not that I care, well, this a Long Belated B present to my cuz, and yeah if your reading this, "DO NOT BREAK IT!! IT COSTED ME 50 BUCKS TO NAB ONE PLUS THE F--WKEN TAX!!" Dont know what Muv-Luv is, yet except I'd probably conclude it as an Eroge game. =P

Box content: same old figma stand and hand holder, the rest is there for you to look at.

Linebarrels: OH MY GAWD,its its so beautiful

Linebarrels: this is truly a treasure Ive been seeking for-

Meiya: Give me back my katana you @ss!
Linebarrels: DERP!!

Meuyu's a pretty cute figure,I guess, gotta love that suit and the color and.

The wicked ass hair, though not as wicked as Bayonneta, but it has its own charms. has an extra joint too.

Peg hole,its not very visible thanks to the hair and the suit

She comes with two faces, considerably lesser than I thought but it works. also the hair piece and the face becomes loose really easily

Pardon my sHitty @ss photgraphy and 5.0 MP cam, but the emblems look awesome for having many details for that size.

Now this is a really disappointing part of the figure, the feet has wight less articulation due to the bigger joint use and the left is the foot that can move sideways, maybe the right also has articulation except the paint screwed it up.

She comes with 8 hands quite a lot. Her hands gets lose even faster thanks to the arms design and that the hands use pegs ,would have been nice if it was the ball jointed one, but with so much hand accessories, you'd be scare of snapping hands every time you move it, and it cant move upwards too.

This aint the same as a gundam sword, it feels more brittle too touch yet it pretty flexible. Aka that Sheath looks so much like the Eager Cleaver from MH

Sheath holder hand

Wow, the number of hands she has is actually useful, and the two holder hands are set to hold the katana in different angles.

Swordplay(can I even consider myself a gunner, If I pose swords so much,meh)

hahah my fave 00 GN sword/gun III, and it fits her perfectly^^

"Surrender, or die"

Alter finally met her match?

Despite all the looseness this figure has,it wont be too much of a bother too you if your just displaying her, but if your in for the play, beware losing parts easily. Or if your a bastard whose got some J@ck@$$ whose got suit fetish,I recommend this one over the Gantz suit. So is Muv-Luv Mecha Ero?


EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Meiya... T.T
Still hunting for this... It's quite cheap (approx USD $55)...


EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Oh, yes, Muv-Luv Alternative was originally a manga that got developed into a typical Sci-Fi PC game. There's not much eroge elements, to my surprise, but it is still rated 18 if i am not wrong, because of gory scenes.

50 dollars for this figma???!!! I'd only pay the 60% of this amount for one... xD

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

hey how much do those figma stands usually cost? cus I pre-ordered a BRS and i was thinking of getting a stand for her

GunStray said...

>> EXkurogane: So its not an eroge, I saw the manga, it is mecha. Yeah 50$, this is what I hate about local/retail pricing,the freaking tax,ugh!

GunStray said...

>> Astray: Dunno usually the price ranges from 45$ to 80$, dunno how much a seperate figure stand or an acsta is, but the included figma stand is really good.

chrismandesign said...

hehe... i guess i wouldn’t own a Figma figure (at least, not by the moment) i haven’t found something appealing for me (& the most important issue, I HAV NOT A SINGLE BUCK) but this girl is very attractive... ehe talking bout taxes... ur taxes there r very harmless... i had to pay U$175 for a few sets of gundam markers, a liner & an eraser... i’ll publish’em for sure, with that price i must consider them as expensive collection figures =XXX

GunStray said...

>> Chrismandesign: 0_o, damn I guess I took my tax problems for granted. If you are stored up with funds,and wanted to get one, I have one perfect candidate, well currently soldout but hopefully,restocks http://www.hlj.com/product/MAX06091

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I only have one Figma and I know it's accessories and flexibility gave a lot of fun to it.

Anonymous said...

This will give my Yoko with the Zankantou blade a good match up. :)

So, figmas are also compatible with 1/144 gunpla weapons, eh?

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Yep^^ too bad I have too give it away, I enjoyed playing around with it.

>> BD77: Yoko with a...BFS...Gulp!

Anonymous said...

muv luv has lovely characters.
I like those suit, and meia's suit color is cool, and she wields katana!!

the sheath looks a bit too big?

Persocom-san said...

ouch, steep price to pay. I bought her because I thought she looked pretty bad ass, but the looseness and lack of mobility was a bit disappointing. Never played Muv Luv but it looked interesting from the non-ero screenshots and artworks that I've seen. I like Meiya, but I'd have liked her a lot more if her feet moved better and her hands didn't fall out so easily.

GunStray said...

>> Heathorn: Nope,the sheath is just the right fit^^

>> Persocom: , Oh yeah I saw your previous Review for this, and I'll think I'd let the looseness go by this one, since this figure was meant for more detail and posing.

Anonymous said...


hiroy_raind said...

wait, Muv Luv IS an eroge!