Monday, April 5, 2010

MG wishlist/deathreat to bandai, and santa

Well its about time Bandai decided to give us a chance to to vote/threaten them with are hopeful choices, soon to become into these magnificent plastic blobs of joy. Btw kinda a response pose to EXkuro's wonderful wishlist^^

I Of course Had my own picks, starting with Tallgeese, Arios and Heavyarms(whichever series though EW would be better, Hopefully out of the three that comes out...well all of them of course,but Its tallgeese that has the most chance out my votes. I have to disagree with some people about MG 00 kinda a waste ,knowing that the unfateful destiny of 00 PG would led to uninevitable.

Then there are the leftovers, whose faith undecided, poor b@stards

> stupid sexy grunt<

I didnt even know where the hell did these guy came from,I thinkit was 0080.
The GM sniper is in no doubt, My faverite amonsgt the GM line, it is also the most unloved by history. This Gm had the paint scheme with the color I loved the most and it carries around this beautiful rifle, quite an eye catcher, for damn zekes. Oh yeah great job bandai, you gave GM quel an HGUC why not these guy!?

Zeta's true Mass production successor, you can tell beacuse it takes a lot of partswapping. Gawd, I love how these guy put up a good fight against Kishartiya. Oh yeah I still disagree about that hook crotch thing.


Ah Orga sabnak, the best of the insane CPU of seed, to prove it you have countless fujoshi. Ok breakin away, My fave of the MS near the end of series, the calamity is a true beam and shell spammer of the seed series, making it a total brute during the invasion of orb, until (jebus)Kira came. Sad This guy never got his showdown against providence

Mg Vegeta

Hey Goku was MG-ised,might as well MG-fy the bastard who gave us the godly internet meme!

"This is too GODLY"

Gurren Lagann, not that pic, I just wanted an excuse to put that in. I was happy as f-wk hearing that he was gonna get a composite version, whatever that is, But I still have these gleaming wish, that one day, I would be able to build Gurren lagann, except I missed out on the Gurren fandom and they dont sell 1/144 Guren lagann anymore *sad*


EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Woah... you came up with your MG wishlist this time... xD I wanted calamity too, though i never listed it because Bandai never cares much about seed compared to seed destiny in plamo. Seed has only 2 MGs, and at least i hope there are chances for Providence, Justice and Aegis. I'd love to have all 3 -Forbidden, Calamity and Raider as 1 set though...

Snark said...

If it makes you feel any better, the 1/144 Gurren was a piece of ass. Hell, even the Revoltech version was better.

And goddammit, I would totally sacrifice a small child for GurrenGaiGar.

Anonymous said...

Holy hell that looks more epic than Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

I voted Epyon, Deathscythe, and Double X, but I wanted to vote for Astray Gold Frame Amatu, Neo Gundam, GP04 Gerbera! I demand MGs especially for these three dammit!

chrismandesign said...

well this wishlist sounds great for me... i guess ReZel will hav an opportunity, specially having in mind that his ancestor, the Zeta, has at least 3 versions in MG... Calamity, he definitely deserves an opportunity in MG... probably Vegeta will b in their plans soon too... but Gurren Lagann, uhmmm i think Kotobukiya will take care of him more than Bandai...

HamsterCorp said...

Bandai sure seems to be liking doing polls to decide upcoming products.

Since I'm a crazy person, I voted for Nobel, Kshatriya, and Artemie as a write-in.

Jacques said...

I too would love to have a MG GM Sniper II if possible. I would be more than happy if they could just release a 1/144 version.

Otherwise, the only way to getting one is to buy the expensive conversion kit from B-club or to mod one myself. :(

GunStray said...

>> EXkuro: Holy damn, 3 MG in one Box, EPIC!!!

>> Snark: hell mised out on the revoltech Gurren fandom, fuwker, Im gonna make up by buying composite ver or buy the damn thing from HLJ.

Wrong! You sacrifice an intensely moe, moe blob to get this guy

>> ZroGunota: Holy fuwk that's a good list you have there.

>> Chrismandesign: Yay! And hell No! I disapprove of kotobukiya handling Gurren, best to leave it to the greedily corrupt (Bandai)bastards who makes tougher plastic. Kotobuikya does makes good Marvel figs, and Psylocke fig is intensly hot^^

>> Hamstercorp: Kshatriya, seriously that thing owns a PG in just the prize, and I forgot what the Artemie is, it the bumblebee equivalent of Gundam

>> Jacques: Screw B-club, its actually harder to work with resin, and yes a 1/144 HGUC would be lovely, though a Robot damnashi has already been announced.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I am just so very glad that there going to produce GM Sniper in Damashii form.

DivineLight said...

I just want an MG OO-Riser this year.
if I have spare money, maybe MG Exia is good...

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...


I mean i want all the 3 Gundams to be made MG, because having all 3 feels like having 1 complete set... =.=

Somehow, i have the feel or sense of incompleteness when i dun collect 1 set. Just like, i have all the Gundams (HG) from Gundam 00season 1 except Kyrios, and somehow has an "incomplete feel". If i were to buy a MG WIng Gundam, fine (because it is a protagonist), but if i buy heavyarms, i feel like i need the other 3 to complete 1 set.

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: heheh, we all are^^

>> Divinelight: Definitely MG exia!

>> EXkurogane: Ah the feeling of incompleteness, This is why I had a hard time wanting the buy the Doms, I want all three of them at once,except money doesnt want=~=

Anonymous said...


Q said...

I haven't built MGs for myself yet, but other than 00 Gundam (which I don't mind) I agree that Tallgeese has a good chance to get developed IMHO.

And GM Sniper II comes from Gundam 0080 indeed. Too bad all it appeared there was to get owned by the Kampfer... Oh well it does much better in games though. I'm still surprised that there's no HGUC for it yet. Maybe Robot Damashii will take it first.

And very nice to see someone liking a Druggie Gundam - those guys are sometimes way overlooked. My favourite of the 3 is the Forbidden ^^

GunStray said...

>> Q: So its true bandai hates feddies and blue.
heheh, I like Forbidden too since its one of the few MS that carries around a badass scyhte.