Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busuo Shinki Espadia review

Woot, Finally have a real Mecha musume, and best part of all, Its on sale + the 20%off discount(I think). Box Art is definitely awesome( and I wish I could draw like that).

Box content:

Took a while to actually build the stag mecha. and reattaching the whole thing the figure.

Sword Pose

She's taller than a figma, and is almost as tall as Mazinger(didnt take a pic whoops)

Helm isnt so Kuuga-ish,Looks more like Gatack and I find it cute^^

Regular(Yuki-like) face

Blush face(so much for Yuki-like)

Hand set, there pretty sturdy compared to figma, but care is still a No.1 priority.

The only thing that really bugs me, is how thin the pelvis joint are, there pretty flexible, it still scares me.

Stand, is sharp, and pointy, It pisses me off >x< The stag beetle mecha, Btw I just recognized how similar this is to Orichalium reycal, coincidence? Bah I heard of this first before O.R.

BTW its just my preference to leave the arm holders attached to the Mandibles?

and the arm thing too

Heheh, Got the idea from Decade's Kuuga final form ride

Mecha Musume form:

Main selling point, and ridiculously back heavy.

Feet is just damn thin compared to No-feet Linebarrel

Lastly you get this Pin code ticket thingy,to play Battle rondo(pokemon pet style), usually I would just rip things like this apart, But this mecha musume, diff story what-so-ever. I admit, I want to see Espadia's personality


Anonymous said...

They're blade-feets. Of course they're thin. LOL.

And so far, this is the only in-depth(ish) review of Espadia I've found in teh internets. You, sir, just made my New Year better.

BTW, I think this is just an honest typo, but Musumune is just win.
Musume=Girls. Mune=Chest.

Anonymous said...

kawaii~~ gundam girl >.< LOL

GunStray said...

>> Shion: Hahah Your welcome, and thanks btw for correcting me^^;

>> Otakuartist: pretty close^^

Anonymous said...

Oh and if you like the boxart, I can direct you to the high-res official wallpaper of it.

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Nice... but there's lots of visible screws all over the figure... =.= Probably that's why i am not fond of action figures...

Anonymous said...

@EXkuro: It's supposed to have veeerrrryyyyy visible joints. Busou Shinki's are a lot like Angelic Layer, in that they are actually 1:1 scale battle robots.

GunStray said...

>> ExKurogane: I dont think thats much to worry about, the back is pretty much covered anyway.

>> Shion: Holy S#it I forgot Angelic layer, anyway thanks for the Wallpaper, and about the question last time, yup she can hold gundam weps

Anonymous said...

Cool. The weapons are compatible.

Another question: What's the diameter of the peg joints on the biceps/thigh? Is it 2mm (which is compatible with gunpla polycaps) or 3mm?

Anonymous said...

My friend is all into Busou Shinki that I've started reading the manga coming from Dengeki Hobby. It's actually pretty interesting reading 2v2 battles. Hope the game is just as great...
BTW, where's the other unit to make the combination (the red one).

GunStray said...

>> Shion: all I could say,Its not compatible with the gundam joint polycap.

>> Robostrike: Ill be getting the red one soon.

Anonymous said...

Dang. That put a crimp in my plans.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Looks like you have lots of fun with the toy with so many to battle. like the others, it reminds me of Gundam gals, the sword like Astray Blue Frame and armour like Saint Seiya.

GunStray said...

>> Shion: Sorry ~_~

>> Dennis: Heheh, It does look like blue frames GS ^^

Anonymous said...

For a good few seconds there, I thought this was a figure of Astray Blue Frame Gundam Girl XD. Damn look at all those drill holes on her back D:

GunStray said...

>> Z: Astray Blue Frame Gundam Girl will get to that probably march

Persocom-san said...

Ooh I have to leave a comment here. I just started playing Busou Shinki a couple days ago and I am hooked on it. I just ordered a couple Shinki's and will hopefully get them by next week. Let me know if you start playing ^^ I don't think Espadia is in the actual game yet though, hold onto that code for when she does get released. Believe it or not, my wife wants Lancamento, the one that's supposed to be combined with Espadia.

GunStray said...

>> Persocom: Espadia isnt out yet,mrmrmrm, augh. Heheh nice choice your wife has, genki gunners^^